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4 Sacred Hearts was created to give you a glimpse into the spirit world like you’ve never seen before. From visions, to wormhole travels, the Universe is a happening place. With it however comes the need for spiritual protection. 4 Sacred Hearts has you covered with Universe inspired products, including customizing imprinting on clothing. All with your body, mind, heart and soul in mind.

Check back as this site continue to evolve with more pages, products and paintings coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions. As for how I connected, please see my About Page. Please know, this is not a religious site. Lord knows religion had a way of making me feel worse. This site caters to your very soul and the protection of it.


May you be filled with love, light, laughter, health, healing and happiness. Because contrary to popular belief, life is a dress rehearsal for the afterlife. YAY is all I can say!


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sacred geometry


I'm Carmen

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Welcome to my website. Like an underdog or Cinderella waiting to reap what they've sown, that's how I feel. However, with cleanliness being next to Godliness, decades of detox have become my best religion. Although, it was my second NDE that connected me to the spirit world beyond my wildest dreams. As God continue to show me that my heaven on earth is near.  


May we all walk to the beat of our own drum, defying gravity because everyone deserves a chance to fly and become limitless.

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