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Guided by Grace: From Near Death to Artistic Rebirth

Hello, fellow dreamers and creators! Have you ever felt a subtle nudge in your heart, urging you toward something totally unexpected? I've experienced this whisper, and it led me down an incredible path from preparing for homesteading to painting my own lil masterpieces.

In this video, I share a portion of my long journey marked by near-death experiences and a serendipitous discovery of my passion for painting—not walls, but canvases. I delve into how I initially ignored my great grandmother’s advice to paint, choosing instead to explore welding, woodworking and more. Yet, fate had other plans, including a couple of accidents that redirected me back to an artist's easel.

From my clumsy initial attempts with watercolors to crafting more intricate and meaningful artworks like the "Tree of Life," each brushstroke has been a lesson in self-discovery and the universe's playful way of guiding me. This isn't merely about my hopes of one day mastering art; it's about heeding the deep, intuitive calls from within—those guided by our gut rather than our head.

Join me as I unfold the canvas of my life, illustrating that the most compelling stories are often hiding within our reach—sometimes, quite literally under our fingertips. The video shows that life is not just about where we end up but also about the beautiful, chaotic, and paint-splattered paths we take.

Tune in and discover how your next life chapter might just be the most vibrant yet. Until next time, pardon the gaps in posting (again). I am learning the art of video creation.

May all be blessed to also continue to learn and grow.


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