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ABOUT Lil ol' ME

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Hi! I'm Carmen, a student of the Universe

To those wondering how I connected at this level, I did so by dying twice, decades of detox and the FARMAcy/real food and barefoot walking.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Holistic Nutrition, my first website remains visible. You can find that at Detox Mentor. I've spent decades coaching people on diet, detox, and natural healing. My Life Coach certificate has helped me help others help themselves in body, mind, heart and soul. I can tell you this... diet and detox make a spiritual life much easier. Your only job is to tame the taste buds into submission. As a first wave Indigo/Star Child, I was born a vegetarian. Today I am nearly vegan. 

Cleanliness really is next to Godliness!


As more light enter my body, lighter food is what I crave. Gone are the days of craving my drug of choice. Chips. With my lighter body comes more creativity and spiritual gifts. Because I walk my talk, I am becoming more clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient (feeling), and clairalient (smelling spirits) each day. 

Universe continues to influence me. Most of my products are Universe inspired, created from the ups and downs of my massive shamanic purge, spiritual attacks and what I am shown. My shop includes 100% ringspun cotton t-shirts (many more designs to come) rosaries, scapulars, glass copper pyramids, books and more. All for empowerment and/or protection. 

I am the third one in from the right with my pink hard hat. That photo taken from my seven years working construction. From hairdresser to truck driver, and a whole lot in between. It is quite true what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Living solo on a mountain for six months during a near three and a half year bout of going without a home taught me much. Most importantly? How to connect with spirit world. From my dear mother, grandparents, God, and even what most call "extraterrestrials," Celestial Beings. Love them all and for the journey they have me on. 

It's not what happens to us that matters, but instead HOW we respond that gets us on bright side of Universe's radar. I am forever grateful I answered the call and survived the attacks. WHEW is an understatement.

Got health related questions? Please ask on my contact page. I have recently moved this website from another platform, therefore, most posts are old, but may look new. Got tired of having my hands tied waiting for a web designer with integrity, so I'm rebuilding it myself. Pardon my growing pains. Together we can build the FAQ's page and help others at the same time. Thanks and may you be blessed!

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