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Unveiling The Mysteries In The Marvelous World of Seers

Welcome to my enchanting realm of being a seer! While anyone can learn to be a seer, some of us are born with the ability to perceive beyond the ordinary, revealing the secrets of the universe, and so much more. I will say, it can become overwhelming and quite dark. So, a word of advice should you learn to become one, just know, you must have plenty of protection on hand, as well as keep your health in check. Allow me to take you on a whimsical journey by giving a brief introduction to some of the different types of seers and the potential dangers we may encounter.

Prophets are seers who receive divine messages, often through visions or direct communication with higher powers. They bring forth glimpses of the future, offering guidance and foresight to those in need. Tho, some messages come in flashes and aren't always easy to remember, it is quite magical to be shown different realms.

This has been me my entire life. I will never forget meeting God at a waterfall when I was a child. According to a medicine woman I met decades ago, that was when my soul left and another one entered, which was later confirmed in a Pranic healing workshop I attended in Los Angeles. That beautiful meeting was my first NDE (near death experience), in my sleep mind you.

Visionaries possess the gift of seeing vivid images that provide insights into people, places, or events. These visions can guide or warn others, shedding light on hidden truths and unveiling paths yet to be taken.

Of all the types of seering, this one comes the easiest for me. One example for me has been seeing a story unfold along several bathroom tiles. Although most come while watching TV, while falling asleep, and/or in the wee hours.

Dream Interpreters possess the ability to decipher the symbolic language of dreams. They unravel the hidden messages within our slumbering minds, offering wisdom and understanding to those seeking guidance.

God loves using symbols (and songs). In compiling a 300+ page diary of a book with over 200 drawings of my visions, there were many I did not understand until years later.

While the gift of sight is awe-inspiring, it can come with potential dangers:

Overwhelm: I have become overwhelmed at times by the flood of information and sensations I get. From many people talking all at once to phantom scents and even smelling things I am watching on TV. For those, I literally hold my breathe, especially when it comes to hairspray or meat being cooked. The sheer intensity of these insights can be a double-edged sword, requiring me to find balance and self-care to avoid mental and emotional exhaustion.

I'll never forget when I first started channeling, it was exhausting. At one point the Pleiadians were having me drink 3 gallons of water a day. I was also forced to rest for hours. They and all would refuse to talk until I did.

As for the many voices, it can feel like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. Thankfully, this type of "gift" is rare these days. It is however, how I discovered that schizophrenics are not crazy, they're connected.

Misinterpretation: Interpreting visions or dreams can be a complex task. I am constantly navigating the delicate nuances of symbolism and personal interpretation, ensuring the information provided are accurate insights while avoiding misunderstandings that could lead to confusion or misguidance.

Many misunderstandings come from the dark side pretending to be God and others I talk with, and they especially love hitting us while we're down. Meaning, tired, weak, sick, dehydrated, and for some high on drugs. If we are not careful, they really can do a number on us. Like many who have been directed to commit crimes and even suicide. Also know, when our purpose is great, we are attacked the most. Devil does all it can to keep us from fulfilling our mission this time around.

Isolation: The ability to see beyond the ordinary can sometimes lead to feeling isolated or misunderstood. This unique perspective can set us apart from others, making it essential for us to find supportive communities or mentors who can help navigate our gifts.

Sadly, I have not been blessed with earthly mentors. Instead, many who discovered my amped up abilities (following second NDE in 2015), did so with not so nice names. I lost track after 100+.

Embrace the Wonder: Being a Seer has brought lots of magic to my life. I especially love when I am visited by fairies, or get glimpses of God in my house. I am blessed to receive visions into the extraordinary. And while I do face potential dangers, my ability to perceive beyond the veil invites me to embrace the wonder of the unseen, to seek guidance when needed, and to appreciate the profound and playful dance of this unseen world.

So, dear adventurer, may us seers inspire your curiosity, guide your path, and remind you of the beauty that lies beyond what meets the eye. Embrace the mysteries, but also embrace the joy of the journey itself. Should you decide to learn how, I cannot stress how ready you need to be. Early on I taught two who thought they were ready. NOPE. They were scared out of it. "The devil made me do it" is real, so be careful what you wish for.

To this day the dark side has tried to stop me and pretend to be from the light. I do use a pendulum for confirmation. I can always tell when it is not from the bright side of the Universe. They oftentimes give messages or show me things that don't quite add up, feel right or make sense.

I am truly thankful I found a power greater than God to help me in the nick of time. Had I not, I may very well be highly medicated sitting in an insane asylum or dead. Best weapon against them? You've God-ahh be FEARLESS. It's that simple. Sure there are things that help, but why not prevent it from happening by letting them know you are not their puppet and cannot be scared. You'll be glad you did. Also know the levels of being under their control go from mild to massive. From bad thoughts and behavior to hurting someone or yourself, these types of things can come from being a Seer and/or weak by allowing "them" to control you.

So many fail to realize their misery comes from the unseen. Get out of your head! For starters.

Know, that to be "controlled" by the bright side of the Universe can open up a whole new world. I leave you with a handful of visions from the last couple of days.

sri yantra flower in bloom

This being the beautiful sri yantra I was shown that was blooming like a flower. Not able to get it to look exact without pain kicking in, but this is pretty darn close.

visions 1st week of March 2024

Vision below of my pig signifies abundance.

Trash, like previous post symbolizes great gain.

Featured image on this post was to show the wormhole I saw with an eye at the center. Representing self-awareness.

Last but hardly least is not a vision, it has been God here in my house, in holograph form for now. Which is why I tell him I cannot wait to see him in the flesh. Thus, the vision of seeing him in the flesh. The things God does to get my attention. He is afterall, a Nerd of the most high.

May all be blessed to see, become a Seer, and/or at minimum, hear God. He is quite entertaining more often than not. Sure he has his serious moments, but nothing like many want us to believe. Quite the contrary, he loves a childlike spirit!

In conclusion, let the mystical world of seers ignite your curiosity, illuminate your path, and fill your days with wonder. Remember to embrace the profound and the playful, and let the magic of the unseen guide you on your journey. Wishing you endless adventures and a sprinkle of stardust to light your way!



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