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Unveiling Divine Messages: How Symbols in Dreams Foretell Profound Changes

In the stillness of the night, amidst the realm of visions, lies a sacred dialogue between the soul and the divine. For me, this ethereal connection has become a conduit for profound revelations, signaling monumental shifts not only in my life but resonating across the planet. Through symbols woven into the fabric of my visions, I have been granted glimpses into the unfolding of cosmic events, guided by a higher purpose beyond comprehension.

In the tapestry of the subconscious, symbols serve as the language of the divine, speaking in archetypes and metaphors that transcend the limitations of words. For me, these symbols have manifested in various forms, each carrying potent messages of change and transformation. Most striking lately are the Platonic solids, timeless geometric shapes imbued with profound symbolism and significance.

The Platonic solids – the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron – have long been revered for their mathematical elegance and metaphysical symbolism. Representing the building blocks of the universe, they embody the fundamental elements of creation and the divine order that governs all existence. In my visions, these sacred forms have appeared, converging and interlocking in a mesmerizing dance of unity and harmony. This to include the Merkaba.

Each Platonic solid carries its own unique energy and symbolism, reflecting aspects of the divine plan unfolding both within and beyond my life. The tetrahedron, with its fiery energy, symbolizes the spark of creation and the awakening of spiritual consciousness. The hexahedron, or cube, embodies stability and foundation, grounding me amidst the winds of change.

The octahedron, with its balanced duality, speaks of the integration of opposites and the harmonization of polarities within my being. The dodecahedron, a symbol of cosmic consciousness, unveils the interconnectedness of all things and the divine blueprint underlying reality. Finally, the icosahedron, with its fluidity and movement, signifies the ebb and flow of life's currents, guiding me with grace and fluidity through times of transition.

As these Platonic solids converge in my visions (eyes open and shut), they herald a momentous convergence of energies both on a personal and planetary scale. The intricate dance of these geometric forms symbolizes the alignment of cosmic forces and the emergence of a new paradigm of consciousness. Just as the pieces of a puzzle come together to form a coherent picture, so too do these symbols coalesce to reveal the divine plan unfolding in my life and in the world at large.

Yet, amidst the awe-inspiring grandeur of these celestial visions, I will remain grounded in the practical realities of daily life. I understand that while visions may offer glimpses into the mysteries of the universe, it is through conscious action and alignment with divine will that true transformation occurs. Thus, I embrace these symbols not merely as signs of what is to come, but as guiding lights illuminating my path forward with clarity and purpose.

In the ever-unfolding tapestry of existence, symbols serve as beacons of light amidst the darkness, guiding the wayward traveler back to the path of divine truth. For myself, these symbols in visions are not merely fanciful flights of imagination, but sacred revelations of the divine plan unfolding in my life and in the world. As I continue to journey forth, I will do so with reverence and humility, knowing that I am but a vessel for the divine will, entrusted with a sacred mission to illuminate the hearts and minds of all who seek the light.

As I wind down on this blog post, I will add (in case you haven't noticed) that as of today, I will begin using AI to help write my blog posts. It saves me time, but more than that, PAIN. God assures me I will be healed, but until then, I must use my time wisely.

I do miss sharing and drawing the many visions given. I have learned a lot thru the symbology God uses, as well as the songs he gives me. Soon I will begin including designs I've created, including books, flags, hat bands and more. Most of which will be available to any affiliate marketers out there. I can create till the cows come home, it's my Asperger's that keeps me from the business side of much. Lord knows even social media gives me anxiety. In time I will add my "X" and Instagram feeds, as I dust off the latter.

Since being bedridden first week of this year, I have decided to work smart, not hard. However, art therapy/creating will remain my first love, which AI does rather well with my itsy bitsy level of Know How. It gives me more time, and saves me from pain. And while I don't agree with all it creates and writes, it has given me much of my life back.

Lastly, I leave you with the visions that inspired this blog post. The sacred geometry described above is just a tip of the iceberg of symbols that God continues to give me. The following I spoke into my mini tablet (old phone), and tried editing to make sense.

upcoming disaster

No doubt there may be some eyes rolling on me talking with Venus, no sweat off my soul. It was after all, the Pleiadians who first contacted me in 2015. They also put me thru a massive Shamanic purge to kickstart my journey.

I do believe hovering cars are the future for some. It sure would make driving like back in the good ol' days. Much safer.

Money folded to show 911 and other manmade disasters can easily be found by doing a quick search. Trying not to make this post too long or an eyesore.

upcoming move

God has been showing me I will be moving soon, I believe a ship may be one mode of transportation, since I will most likely end up in another country. Free of 99.9999999% of possessions. Can't WAIT!

doors are opening

Door jam, horse, hay, comic strip and even chocolate are some of the symbols God has been busy showing me. With some having more than one meaning, God always lets me know which.

Door jam = new stage and opportunities

Horse = freedom, strength, passion

Hay = I will meet influential people

Comic strip = escapism, creativity & self-expression

Chocolate = good fortune lies ahead

conversations with Venus

How I look forward to this aching body feeling young again.

I need to say that in order for me to look up meanings to my visions, I have to do so as if they were dreams. Some take far too long to find, however, many are self explanatory. I know I will be meeting a whole lot of interesting people in the near future.

As for the old lady = wisdom and experience.

soon the dust shall settle

Shag rug = comfort and security

Hummingbirds have many meanings. This, I am due to bloom.

Water = renewal

Cocoon = I know something HUGE lie ahead for me.

More man made disasters await some areas. Been having those visions for years, only lately have they included big rigs. That in reference to our supply chain here in the U.S.

Not only has God shown me fireworks, I oftentimes get patriotic songs. We will win this war of light versus dark. Soon.

a celebration for our planet is near

God often exaggerates visions to get my

attention. He adds in crazy details that don't make sense, but they aren't relevant to what he is wanting me to see. I have been shown a crystal city before, and it was crazy bright, and oh so beautiful. Tho not as bright as the tunnel I was going thru during second NDE.

Transformation awaits us all. Of course, work on your part is needed and will dictate the level you reach.

Being pulled out of the well felt so real, like my first ride thru a wormhole.

1:11 = good luck and prosperity

Good times are ahead for many of us.

Arches = strength, support, distinction and the gaining of wealth by persistent effort. God does not make things easy for the chosen.

a new life ahead

Consider it like The Apprentice for the Heavenly world. He likes to see what we're made of. He also allows bad things to happen to keep us on track.

Airport runway = creativity and freedom

Space suit = sudden awakening and new awareness.

More doors opening, yay!

Garbage, believe it or not has a fortunate meaning as well as, out with the old, in with the new.

Red = success, promotion, well-deserved bonus.

Song, Free (wo)Man in ---- cannot tell where I'll be yet.

divine messages

Laundry soap = purification

Water = purification and cleansing.

Doorbell = personal transformation

Two swans = positivity and faith in the Universe.

Ice cubes = getting rid of something in my life. The faces were to get my attention.

Turmeric = positive developments, social status and prestige.

Shopping cart = new horizons to explore

Rescuing a puppy = compassionate nature and willingness to assist others

puppy rescue and duplex visions

This four plex vision wasn't easy to find meaning, but God says this is correct.

Should anyone believe I am putting feathers in my cap and seeing the glass half full. Yes on the latter. Universe knows what I've been thru to get this far. It has not been easy. I will say, regular detox and a clean diet for decades has truly made my journey and connecting easier. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Of course, you won't know if you don't try.

And finally, now that I will be using AI for more than images, I will be able to post more often.

May all be blessed to see and hear like I have because a whole other world awaits you. Divine messages await us all. Without them and God's hilarious shenanigans, getting thru this time on our planet would look and feel rather bleak. I do know He and others are near. Hallelujah!

Oh, almost forgot to add my painting God wanted me to share, the Tree of Life with his return.

question is... will you be ready?

God is near to bring life to our world in need


pssst... pardon the layout, trying to get it to look good not only gave me anxiety, it kept getting worse.


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