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Leave The World Behind or Not?

Watched Leave The World Behind on Netflix last night, and it does appear to be a warning of sorts. A long movie indeed, although it did go by surprisingly fast. That coming from someone who cannot stand long anything when it can be summed up short and succinctly.

I do believe this movie i an attempt to awaken us to their never ending control freak plans. Sci-Fi movies have a way of doing that. Hidden in plain sight no doubt, as they try to soften the blow should these things occur.

Will they actually happen? They would if God was not returning.

After watching it, the credits show that Obama was behind it, he and Michelle. Not a fan of the man. Are they trying to tell us something? I believe so. God had shown me something similar on our shore lines over four years ago, which is exactly what this movie shows.

Here's what God showed me compared to what Leave The World Behind shows.

visions similar to Leave The World Behind

scenes from Leave The World Behind

With all the discussion of ten days of darkness and/or a cyber attack, this movie does show the mess it can create. All because we have relied on technology far too much.

How I miss the days before cell phones and most technology. A simple life continues to be taken away in an effort to control us. Should they get their wish on digital money, YIKES! Thankfully, I don't see that happening. An intervention of Biblical proportions is upon us.

May all be blessed to learn to live off grid without technology. Living offgrid on a mountain solo for six months taught me much, and having a Ham radio license (per God) will keep me in the loop should the grid go down.

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