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Embrace Your Cosmic Journey Thru The Hilarious & Not So Hilarious Side of the Cosmos!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if God had a sense of humor? Well, wonder no more! He does and quite often by giving us the perfect song at the exact right time. He seriously has a ton of fun using my noggin' as a jukebox! For me, his messages are darn near 24/7, although mostly thru nightly visions. Should you care to embrace your cosmic journey, may this YouTube INTRO short inspire you, make you laugh, or leave you in disbelief.

In just a few seconds, you may laugh or roll your eyes. No sweat off my soul either way. Aside from God being a character, he wants this information shared. So enjoy and let the universe show you what's possible! And sure, some visions, while not pleasant, tend to be a "heads up" on what we can expect. this is just introducing you to my YouTube channel. May I get quicker over there, so I can spend more time here.

I will say, getting this far on being connected and now learning Ai, hasn't come easy. A whole lot of isolation has been included. Thankfully, I am nearing the end.

May all be blessed to experience the wonders of the bright side of the Universe as I have. It is truly a wonderful side of life.


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