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Visions Show Me God Is Near

Since becoming bedridden first week of this year, God has begun with the visions. Last few nights those visions show me God is near. Top those off with hearing him tell me this morning, "wake up, there's an enormous situation." Other than waking to a beautiful red sky, I have yet to find what he is wanting me to know. His time line, all but twice, is always off.

Hardest part is always waiting. God has gone so far to not allow anyone from above to talk with me. He's afraid they may spill the beans. All I know is, based on my visions like Leonardo Da'Vinci's "deluge," I've gotten many of those same visions of flooding and chaos. Including a vision I shared awhile back on "broken down" big rigs leaking bioweapons as another potential manmade disaster.

Following are the visions I was able to write down. Since I don't always know the meaning, I look them up under dream meanings. Here are my visions followed by their meanings. Please know I have tried repeatedly to organize in an easy to follow sequence, but my tech skills are not allowing. So, I've tried to line up to match the order of my visions. Reading left to right of course.

visions 1-22-24
visions Jan 22,24

visions 1-23-24
kleenex handed to me vision

brown paper bag

fern plant

lifting someone up

someone bowing down in front of me

rag doll

spotted dog

two women hugging

woman on a horse

fern plant

chicken leg coming down

bare torso

orange tree groves

emerald green hair

Okay, I know I missed one or two, but only because I either get tired of looking or I already know the meaning. Like the man in a flannel shirt ringing a doorbell, I believe is to let me know I will be helping people once again. God confirms. Most visions like dreams have more than one meaning, so I search until God agrees on which. I don't randomly select those I like. I do know great things are ahead for me, as well as for many who have sown what God deems worthy to reap. We must earn to reap what we've sown.

On my Home page mini bio I mention how I have felt like an underdog and Cinderella. These visions show me, not for long. The chicken leg I was shown years ago and both times it seems to be ready to grab earth by the horns.

May we all be prepared for the drastic changes ahead. A blessing or a curse? Time will tell.



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