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Tunnel Warfare Continues

In listening to this podcast, they discuss what God showed me, underground war. Is it war or more clearing out of "their" darkness? Since the Sound of Freedom, more are awake to the crimes done to children, much of it below ground. There are many "influencers" I do not care to hear, but I wanted to hear what Derek Johnson had to share about this tunnel warfare.

I leave you with a few more visions over the last month. Each includes a vision that can affect us all. From a manhole to railroad tracks to my previous post about stalled big rigs leaking bioweapons.

manhole explosion

railroad tracks on fire

Aside from the many train derailments over the years and the polluting of water that came with some, I haven't heard any mention of train tracks set ablaze. I do know God has not allowed me to travel by anything other than by highway for what feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Limits me, but I remain thankful for the heads up. I also know when it's my time, it's my time. Not afraid to die, just not ready.

May you and your loved ones be ready for anything and everything wherever you are. I believe the worst is behind us and a whole lot of awesomeness awaits those of us right with God. Everyone really, but more so for those who have stored their riches in Heaven.

No religion necessary!


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