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Natural, high quality tiger's eye gemstone rosary for women, children purse, or pocket.


I made this beautiful tiger's eye rosary with 6mm beads (Hail Mary) and six 8mm (Our Father) tiger eye beads. All silver parts (including chain) are sterling silver, with all jump rings soldered to prevent loss.

Rosary measures 20" long, with centerpiece just over 1/2 inch and crucifix measuring just under  1.25", both are a matching set. This rosary was made smaller for children, women or for purse or pocket.

Limited quantities while supply chain issues remain. **More rosary making supplies on the way. Please check back. I am also open to requests.


Tiger Eye was Mother Mary's first choice as the gemstone. For its protective qualities. **Yes, since dying in 2015 (for the second time), She and many others talk to me daily. They are the Sacred Hearts behind my store name.


Tiger Eye Sterling Silver Rosary

  • 4 Sacred Hearts ships orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your order will go out on our next shipment day. You will get a notification once your order has been shipped. FREE shipping on all orders.

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