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Laugh Your Way to Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss! Okay, so you’re dragging around a few extra pounds—cheer up! You think that’s the end of the world? Let me tell you…the end of the world is going to hurt A LOT more. But you can be lighter, freer, healthier—and still have a great time. You’ll eat better (and scrumptiously)…tune up your “vital organs”…enjoy the vibrant body of a person much younger…and get a few good giggles and belly laughs in the bargain. You can be sexy, savvy, and suave—through natural, no-risk methods that allow your body to detox and cleanse. Here’s some of Carmen’s advice: * “Forget Botox. DETOX!” (Chapter 3) * “Are you pooped? Try pooping. Otherwise, you’re full of s___.” (Chapter 7) * “Water—Don’t leave home without it! (Chapter 20) Although Carmen’s tone is lighthearted, her message is serious, direct and sincere: Eat right, cleanse your body, overcome the food addictions most Americans suffer from. Watching her parents die painfully of preventable misdiagnosed cancers, Carmen decided to devote the rest of her life to creating wellness in others, and in herself. This was a big departure from her prior careers as a hairdresser and concrete mixer driver (seven years in the Arizona heat!)—but fit into her own Native American heritage and the many years of research and study she’s done on alternative healing, including studying nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health and Arizona State University, as well as learning the methods of one of the foremost practitioners of natural health care, Dr. Richard Schulze, while working in his pharmacy. Carmen’s approach does not involve fad diets, pills, or expensive surgery. Her methods are easy to follow, based in age-old wisdom, and produce dramatic results. So what could be bad? Give Carmen’s methods a try! Your colon will thank you—and so will your skin your kidneys, your liver your blood… and your bathroom scale.

Ageless Aging

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