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This sticker set shares the same images used on my rosaries. I did have to search high and low for both until the powers that be gave me two thumbs up. Each represents something different, with Mother Mary reminding us to always embrace transformation. The birth of something new and improved, for the sake of our soul. While St. Benedict protects us along the way. 


Like natural healing, many abandon spiritual awakening because the inner turmoil can get the best of them. I am thankful I broke thru and became fearless of the dark energies trying to stop me. I’ve found, the greater our purpose, the greater the forces can be. Without proper protection, we can get stuck and be labeled with mental illness. 


I for one believe Schizophrenics aren’t crazy, they’re connected, which is another upcoming sticker.   


Each sticker measures approximately 2 x 3 inches, with each having a removable layer on for protection. 


One set $10 or 3 sets for $25

Purity & Protection Stickers

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