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“When someone is sick, more drugs are NOT what they need. A sick person already has an overload of toxins… illness is not caused from a deficiency of a certain pill.” ~Sherry Rogers, author of Detoxify or Die~


While I am not anti-vaccination, I am pro taking care of my body and giving it only what it was created to take in.


This t-shirt really needs no explanation. And while it may offend some, I don’t sell or publish anything without God giving me a thumbs up. The “#BS” I have found to stand for many things, your imagination is the limit on that one.


Know someone who is afraid to speak their mind? This t-shirt will help them and/or give more power to your voice.


T-shirts are either Bella+Canvas 3001 or American Apparel 2001, 100% wingspan cotton. All are black and unisex (for now). They do have a small logo, however, were applied to come off easily. A trademark original proof. Not shown on mockups.

STOP Fixing What Isn't Broken

SKU: 364215375135191
STOP Fixing : Black
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