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Our Rights On Current Events

As our country is under invasion, our rights continue to be taken away. Speaking truth leads to arrest while foul play and even murder run amuck. Something has to give. Best way to avoid being taken under their evil spell is, for starters, wake up. Whether that be to stop watching mainstream media or get off social media.The brainwashing is everywhere. Disney, GE, Monster drink all have 666 either in their logo or on their marketing. The current events cannot continue. Silence is golden. Consider taking time out from much and focusing on your internal self.

Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results

You cannot brainwash the woke. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I did not arrive at this spiritual level eating the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet). Decades of detox and an impeccable diet have been my best healthcare in body, mind, heart and soul. You are what you eat, so make it high vibrating.

Our food is now under attack. Some of the same ingredients in vaccines are now being injected into foods, meat is being grown in a lab (to say the least), and many former healthy foods have MSG. Monosodium glutamate has been referred to as the crack cocaine of the food industry. It can excite your brain to death. It was created to make fake and/or cheap food taste good. Read labels because it is your best defense against anything and everything. I’ve already had two nieces have miscarriages from the shot. What’s next?

Killing animals is no longer enough. Now they want us to believe that farms are causing climate change. I recently heard NYC land “lords” will be charged a tax for their tenants breathing. It’s called paying for the current events of this administration. Not only is climate change a hoax and manmade, farmlands have a way of cooling the area. Try walking on concrete or asphalt compared to a yard of trees. The latter can be twenty degrees cooler +/-. I admire other countries that line many of their streets with pavers, not asphalt or concrete. Not only do they absorb water, they help keep the ground cool. Speaking of hoaxes, 9-11 and the moon landing were also. Just to name two.

Never did I plan on sending my kids to school. While I wasn't blessed with pregnancy, I did have custody of four children for a year. All are doing well with the two eldest now having children of their own. And while there are a few and far between instances, due to a karma/past life issue, transgenderism is a fad. A fad going very bad. It's one thing for students to be brainwashed, but for parents to allow the extreme makeover should be a crime. Of course, there are ways around having schools force things upon children. Find an alternate school or teach them only what they need, reading, writing and arithmetic.

Everything is so backwards right now. Seems those who beat themselves up get what they want. Weight loss surgery, extra skin removal, you name it. Yet, as an underweight person with multiple dis-abilities from a birth defect, I can't even get an elbow brace for the two crushed bones and dislocation.

I have officially given up on doctors. They did not spare my parents or help my brother when they got cancer. Thankfully, my brother has survived four+ decades from quitting chemo and using cannabis. Also, in case you haven’t heard, now non contributing Americans are under attack. Specifically Down’s Syndrome and autistic children from what I understand. This link shares the fraud of COVID and money made by killing. Top that with the many ways of depopulation in the works. I for one know NOT to go to the hospital.

I realize this post is nothing but thoughts, but that is simply because so many are still asleep. I can only hope all wake up sooner than later because it may get worse before better. But once the dust settles, life should be grand for all left standing. The rabbit hole is deep. What we do after we wake up is learn our rights, which the link below discusses. And while I've been awake for quite some time, I have yet to know and understand all. It is God who wants me watching alternative news sites. Not all are accurate, but that's where he comes in. Gives me a yay or nay because far too many assume with more regurgitating false information.

These are our lessons to learn this time around. We don't learn much having it handed to us. So, while I do have a knowing of much, God has forced me to grow, for which I am thankful, especially for such a time as this.

The control starts the day we are born. There are ways around any and all vaccines. One is to give birth to your child at home. Get yourself a midwife because once the child’s name is on that birth certificate in all uppercase letters, they own you. “They” are making money off each of us for that reason. We are their corporation. From a driver’s license to a social security card, it’s a way to control us, as this intro to the above discusses.

I leave you with this t-shirt I created a couple years back. “They” need to stop fixing what isn’t broken. Our health is our greatest wealth. Fight back. Do not give in, not for yourself or your children. There’s a reason Amish children are the healthiest and do not suffer from mental illness, no vaccines.

give them a piece of your mind

May all be blessed to do your own research. At minimum, avoid the brainwashing news media. Soon much will be revealed, tho why wait for someone else to tell you? Knowledge is our best weapon. The intro link above teaches you much and how to get around the many phony imposed laws and licenses, including a marriage license. All in hopes of controlling us. Meanwhile, those of us not living in Illinois ought to give thanks. "Documented" migrants coming across may become non-citizen "police," with the authority to arrest we who are born here. My oh my. This to take effect January 2024.

Unbelievable, but not surprising. I am hopeful there will be an intervention of biblical proportion before then.

let freedom ring...


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