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Bless Dennis Prager For Being Transparent AND Fighting For California and Earth

As a native Californian, this interview with Dennis Prager and Dave Rubin was a breathe of fresh air. Straightforward honest dialogue with morals discussing much including, LGBTQ issues. From start to finish, I truly enjoyed hearing Mr. Prager's thoughts, especially on fighting for California. I believe California will be great again. Meanwhile, even Larry Elder talks about how many democrats who leave California end up turning those formerly red states blue. Taking the easy way out has a way of backfiring. And for those complaining about schools, you're probably the same ones crying over the infant formula. I mention because both are easy fixes. Breastfeed and stop using public schools. Problems solved.

Running from problems solves nothing. Dave Rubin, other "influencers," Elon Musk, celebrities and so many more left our former golden state. While I did live in AZ for nine years from 1994-2003 for school, and may move out of the country according to God, I will not run away for political reasons. Fighting for California is not easy, but there is strength in numbers.

I love that Dennis does not sugar coat anything, acknowledges reality, yet speaks with such grace and wisdom. I especially love what he has to say about parenting. No better time to grow up once and for all then when children enter your life. Far too many parents are failing miserably, which has some to do with my post on karma. I was not blessed with pregnancy, and it wasn’t until last year that I realized why. I did not have children because that was not my lesson this time around. Instead, I help parents manage theirs, which has included having custody of four for a year and detoxing two parents off drugs.

Good values or it’s over. What Dennis says about his parent’s generation giving our generation everything they didn’t have is so spot on. The problem he describes is, parents try to make their children's lives easier. Big mistake. As he says, "you didn’t give us everything you did have." A few points he mentions:

  • love of country

  • love of God

  • self control

To this I add:

  • how to cook

  • how to clean

  • how to grow food

  • skills, useful skills to name a few

I am thankful as a fellow Baby Boomer, I learned all those. My problem is, I am very creative, so I tend to do too much. Top that with God telling me I'm autistic doesn't help.

I am not religious by any means but love how Dennis uses scripture to explain things, while keeping it simple. No pain no gain. I agree how it relates to everything in life. So many take the easy way out instead of working out their karma, or fighting to make California great again. I did not connect with God (and others) beyond my wildest dreams by taking the easy way out. I allowed myself to go nearly 3.5 years without a home. To this day, I continue to be a diamond in the rough. Tiring, but keeping the faith.

Ever since beauty school, I have always loved talking with older generations. I enjoy and appreciate their all around wisdom, spoken from decades of experience. With Dennis being all smiles with quite the glass is half full optimism. He hates being unhappy, same here. Being happy is a choice that no amount of money can cure. As I’ve gotten older I've discovered most people have their public and social media persona. Their real life is oftentimes quite ugly, inside and out. And far from happy.

The inner turmoil speaks volumes in how they look and how treat others. Far too many have far too many fooled. So fooled, we who see the on/off switch of happy-go-lucky people in public turn sour and dark offline or in private, can see right thru it. An ex VP of a credit union boyfriend was pleasantly surprised that I was not one of them. While I understood what he meant, never in my life would have thought I'd live with such a person over a decade later.

YIKES is an understatement. However, the wonderful upside came last year when it hit me. This has been part of my training/journey. Like a diamond in the rough. I’ve been in a bit of hell as God works on me for what’s to come.

And now back to Mr. Prager. Compartmentalize is how he explains those who choose to live unhappy, the miserably "woe is me" life. Makes sense, tho I’ve come to realize it is also the the devil keeping us where they want us. Those who allow mean and unhappiness into their heart are not strong enough to tell the devil to go to Hell. For me, it’s that simple. Devil loves seeing us in pain, addicted, mean and downright miserable. A happy disposition is a choice we all have to make, regardless of our financial or environmental situation. I for one don’t exactly like myself when I’m mean or miserable. Of course, many are trigger happy, which works both ways. Some take great pleasure annoying or hurting people, while others are easily triggered. I do my best to be neither. If and when I feel I hurt someone, I truly ask God for forgiveness. I cannot stand when I allow someone to bring out the worst in me.

“If you can’t compartmentalize, you can’t achieve happiness.” ~Dennis Prager~

Life was not meant to be easy. It is thru the hard ugly downright tiring times that we learn the most, provided we let go and let God. Taking the easy way out, avoiding growing pains like the plague, and trying to be someone we aren't, are the worst things we can do for our soul. It is what brings major unhappiness. Many tend to have hate for those who welcome the growing pains, take chances, and continue to dust ourselves off and get back up. That’s what God likes, not wimpy beings who run with quitters or from the lessons. Fighting for California could have been a lesson.

"The only antidote to worry or misery over any issue, or the state of a society, is to fight. That is the only antidote. Tuning out doesn’t work." I agree with this statement from Dennis Prager.

Society will catch up to us no matter where we go, as he states. Agreed, and with having a great life in a miserable place. Much of our problems are in our head, which is where compartmentalizing comes in. A term Dennis has coined, pathocrisy, being a part of status quo? No thank you! We must separate reality from fact.

New to me was his mention of some using climate change as a reason to not have children. I knew not to have children until I was healthy in body, mind and spirit, not knowing I couldn't get pregnant. So wonderful was to hear his children still respect him for his points of view. Love that!

While I do hope all watch the interview, He does mention that before college and television, Americans were more serious and more mature. So true. Not even men these days live up to what men did. Taking the easy way out has backfired miserably, especially when it comes to longevity. Those who live to be 100++ literally stay active.

So many topics covered with white supremacy being another. Love this man’s views on all that is happening. Been forever since I’ve enjoyed every minute of an interview from start to finish and didn’t feel like much of it was a waste of my time. I also didn’t have to sit thru the same ol’ “news” that “influencers” and “patriots” keep spewing. Dave and Dennis kept it real and real interesting. That coming from someone who gets bored far too easily, and/or I get lost in details

Dennis Prager says what I have told many. He’s staying in California to help make it great again. I don’t know how many times I’ve said the same thing. Those who need constant happiness may never find it if they can't work thru it. Temporary happiness is just that, temporary.

A school of hard knocks takes time and is tiring, but it is we who stand the test of time, are not easily triggered, and do not leave when the going gets rough. Slow and steady wins the race. However, not as in competition, but instead on living and learning the lessons our soul came back to learn.

It has been said, life is not a dress rehearsal. Agreed, although it does determine our afterlife. Store your riches on earth or in Heaven is kinda what it boils down to. Lord knows I've sown much and am beyond ready to reap. According to God, that day is near.

May all be blessed to fight for what their heart, gut and soul know is right. Only then can karma be fulfilled, purpose be shown, and true happiness abound.


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