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Best Explanation of Karma I've Heard

Over a decade ago I realized that it is not what happens to us that matters, but HOW we respond that gets us on God’s radar. The bright side of the Universe doesn't only see our every move, they know our thoughts. Evil thoughts do not get past our Higher Ups as most think. This 20-minute video is the best explanation of karma I have heard.

I've tried to explain tough love can be a good thing to others. Some families are so busy trying to fix the karma of another family member when that is the absolute worst thing we can do, let alone, allow. We cannot work out the karma of another, especially if ours has yet to be corrected. Suffering can serve a purpose. Karma is energy which needs triggering in order to course correct.

Nature of life and pursuits do not bring genuine happiness as told in video. External pursuits will not bring internal happiness. If they did, all those with a ton of money would be truly happy. We must embrace the good, bad and ugly of life in order to fulfill our purpose. We must not avoid struggles like the plague, but instead grow by going thru them. Not only is it our journey, it is our soul's best medicine.

Here’s another great explanation of karma from a recent email.

explanation of karma

Karma in a nutshell boils down to the Golden Rule. Not revenge, not getting even, not jealousy or envy, just plain ol' do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This to include all life forms. And of course working thru our issues instead of blaming others for our soul's journey. Pain has a way of catapulting us to awakening. Of course, not taking the easy way out and doing what we can is the fastest way to work thru our very own karma. Parenting is a karma that far too many are failing. Much of today's youth is proof.

There is a time and a place to help people, but not when it affects the karma of all involved. "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger," is the epitome of growing pains. So let go and let your god.

May all be blessed to work thru the lessons they came here for. Free of help, blaming, distractions and interventions. All those do is postpone our true happiness and ease of our soul once and for all.

Cheers to surviving the ups and downs we call life and living!


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