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Vax Remorse? Reverse The Damage

After writing a 4-5 paragraph post, WIX lost the information, with no help on their end. However, it is too important to ignore. Are you one of the many with vax remorse? While I was not vaccinated, I do know I have been shed upon.

This 15-minute video explains a lot. It also includes an excellent product very reasonably priced that can help reverse the damage. 100%, I don't think so, but it is better than nothing. Besides, Cleanliness is next to Godliness, which is what helped me connect to the bright side of the Universe beyond my wildest dreams.

Should my post be found, I will add to this. I just don't have the patience to fight the demons of technology, nor do I care to waste my time doing so.

May all be blessed to take their health serious now more than ever. Because vax remorse or not, it is in the air we breathe, much of our food, and all those injected. Making it spread like a wildfire in our body.


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