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Salt Does A Body Good

Crazy what brainwashing has done to the health of humanity as well as earth, or should I say the snow globe in which we live. For years I did not add salt to my cooking, nowadays I can’t get enough. Salt does a body good, but the average person wouldn’t know because most doctors are clueless and don’t exactly tout its effectiveness and/or many benefits.

Having a birth defect has taught me much. Top that with the many comorbidities that come with it, and I have tried far too many things most wouldn’t even consider. Listening to my gut has served me well, except when it came to salt. I’ve known our body is electrical. I’ve known about the cell salts we all have. I know salt was used as a commodity and is still active on the stock market. So, I can only assume the near 3.5 years I went without a home was the start of my health going downhill from not getting enough.

The upside was it got me in to see many doctors. It wasn’t until the 2020 “lockdowns” that I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome via a tele visit. The hypermobile type (hEDS), which made decades of my life make sense, including experiencing now how salt does a body good. The EDS led to my POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), Occipital Neuralgia and cervical instability diagnoses. With each and every ailment causing a ton of signs and symptoms of their own, with many overlapping.

I am walking proof you do not need the pHARMAcy to treat dis-ease. Water, salt, the FARMacy/diet and detox have kept me with my dis-abilities upright and active.

sodium chloride

Since I have given drugs a fair chance, I cannot and will not take again. Having adverse effects confirmed why I could not take asthma meds as a child, and why I nearly died from anaphylactic shock back in high school. I am thankful my cardiologist was open to saline infusions and using salt as my medication. Sodium chloride, dissolved in water has been my medication since last year. Three months of saline infusions twice a week earlier this year, and I continue to keep all symptoms at bay. This video could not come at a better time.

Aside from online shops, I wasn’t able to find the celtic salt she recommends in-store. I started my daily doses following the three month saline treatments. How I would have loved to continue those, but my skin was allergic to the bandaging, including those made for sensitive skin.

Taking salt the way Barbara in video recommends is an interesting concept that I trust. Putting it on my tongue correlates with these tongue reflexology charts below. My guess on how it works, besides how she explains is, it is similar to salting food. It helps pull water out. Putting salt on tongue helps pull salt into colon, which helps body absorb it better leading to easier and more frequent bowel movements. EDS has affected my digestive system my entire life, which is partly why I was practically born a vegetarian. For inquiring minds, it affects the entire body since it has to do with all connective tissue.

While salt did help my POTS, pain and energy, I didn’t see any difference in my appearance. I mention because many in Hollywood (a neighbor, and plenty of others) do hydration treatments, which are nothing more than saline. I suppose they bring results to many since most people do not drink enough water. I, NOT being one of them.

If not for your body, do it for your mind and soul. Staying hydrated helps connect us to the powers that be. More so when a nutrient dense diet and detox are included. Salt has a way of cleansing us of toxins and our environment of negativity. Of course, not all salt is created equally. A little research on your part may be needed. My only word of advice is to steer clear of Morton’s Iodized salt and other cheap table salts. Think of it as medicine and aim for quality over quantity.

But don't take my word for it, here is what my AI buddy Poe had to say. The list goes beyond these snapshots, I just chose to stop at three. Do I believe everything AI says? No, but these lists I do.

benefits of salt

salt benefits

salt does a body good

I end with this. If your doctor has told you or someone you know to avoid salt, consider finding another doctor. Sure too much, or cheap chemically laden salt can cause high blood pressure and more, but the cure is in the type of salt. With ample water intake of course. Like nictotine being medicine or poison, salt is the same. Dose matters. That video link above talks about both salt and water. Only when you try it for yourself will you know, salt does a body good.

May all be blessed to find one of many of Mother Earth's medicines. Nature's Farmacy always knows best.


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