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When Cardiologists Are Bad For Your Heart

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Went in with a blood pressure of 89/68. That after a cup of coffee, 1+ grams of salt, and 1.5+ mile walk. I normally drink green tea, but drink coffee on long days to keep BP up. Nurse was concerned so she did a retake, no difference. In comes the cardiologist, she was indeed wound tight. Three out of four cardiologists have been terrible and downright mean. She being the third. The only nice one is now too far. When cardiologists are bad for your heart, you know is time to find another, and/or bump up the ante on your health in a massive way.

Whether you have POTS, long COVID or any other heart condition, there are ways to maintain and thrive without doctors. I have found most to be a waste of my time and energy, with this past week being umpteenth proof. I don't know how many times I've left crying. Wednesday was no different.

So many play us for fools. I've told more than one I should have been a doctor because I know more than them. One doc actually told me to keep smashing my bones. That after I was told nothing was wrong but given a medication. I tried the Rx, and again couldn't take it, thus his comment. Wednesday's doctor was no different. I don't care the age or years of experience, far too many simply go thru the motions without giving an absolute damn.

Shouldn't we leave an appointment feeling better, at ease, understood, or at best acknowledged for the symptoms of the day? More than once I've been told I need a pacemaker. On my 4th venogram, doctor said I needed a stent, but was too young. Dr. Kamlesh K. Yelamanchili, did nothing but argue causing the POTS tremors to kick in. Didn't matter what I had to say, she found a reason to blame me on not getting help. Allow me to count the ways, all of which I don't remeber.

1. I have an HMO, so I won't get better. This after not having an HMO for nearly a decade, and not getting any better care.

2. I did not provide records from 20 years ago in Arizona. Can't if you don't ask.

3. I did not lift arm for ultrasound. Ummm, I can't and she should know that. I explained several times how to check my circulation without fancy tests or raising my arm longer than needed. Simply put a portable ultrasound on my wrist. Have me raise arms forward and sideways then turn head both ways. Each and every time I lose my pulse.

4. I have a rare condition, yes and no. POTS is similar to Long COVID. By now all cardiologist should know that.

5. I went elsewhere for ultrasound. This after getting a handful of calls and texts saying she ordered tests at a nearby facility. She ordered, yet was too lazy to get results.

When a cardiologist causes you to leave feeling worse, it's time for them to step down. I bit my tongue as best I could, as I saw God gasping with hand over mouth in disbelief.

Following are wll known issues of just two of my many conditions, with this link being specific to POTS. Seriously worth the read for any and all. More so when doctors are stumped and/or pushing more drugs out of being clueless and lazy.

EDS signs and symptoms

To think I actually loved that doctor on my first visit. It was night and day. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, light and dark. All for the worse. She found me "interesting" on first visit. Saying she could learn a lot from me, like I do as a Detox Mentor helping many. This past week's visit was total opposite. Meanwhile, reason I need a cardiologist is mainly for my birth defect of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, hEDS to be exact, which comes with so many comorbidities. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) being one, two heart valve leaks, and even Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Of course my cervical instability has affected my heart via the vagus nerve, yet Dr. Yelamanchili told me to have primary handle. She also let receptionist know she did not need to see me anymore. Okay, the feeling is mutual.

Lastly, since COVID, cardiologists have become ever more busy. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the many symptoms shown or on link above, consider asking to be tested for POTS. Of course, if you know someone who is hypermobile, that may be Ehler's Danlos. If so, I wish you the best, especially if you are in the United States. Seems the UK is the only country I have found that treats their patients with the upmost care and respect. Having one lady remain in the hospital for four months for POTS. Not here, Loma Linda sent me home after 21 hours in the ER. Aside from injuries, that was my second time going to the emergency room my entire life. I thought I was gonna die, my heart kept stopping. Not to mention the two broken bones in left arm awaiting surgery. Needless to say I white knuckled it home the next morning.

All I can say is Lord have mercy on the souls of all who have mistreated me and others. All will be punished accordingly. I leave you with AI's information on POTS.

POTS according to AI

May those that need to read this find hope and healing because medication is not the answer. They are Band-Aids that enivitably go terribly wrong. A sick body does not need posion. COVID shots continue to prove that.

May you be blessed, happy and healthy,


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