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When God Forces You To Rest

Please read far enough because there is something in it for all who would like to sell my designs (digitally). Having Asperger's and ADD sucks, which is why this is the year of massive changes. When God forces you to rest, give thanks.

Any trial, setback, injury, illness, or detour from your dream plans can be a blessing in disguise. Using our down time wisely can be magical.

VFOS week of Jan. 1 - 8, 2024

God has a way of taking care of us by making us fall. It was my disability that brought me closer to God. I have been forced to eat clean and detox regularly for the past 30+ years, which led to my very own experience of Cleanliness being next to Godliness. Of course, God also likes to see what we're made of. This by way of NOT taking the easy way out.

Odds have been stacked against me tho, I never knew why until 2020. My birth defect with the umpteen comorbidities combined with Asperger's and ADD, I have been like a salmon swimming upstream most my adult life. 

Getting my once in a decade+ flu at the start of 2024 was rough because it came with a POTS setback, cervical instability, occipital neuralgia, and of course the never-ending MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome). Not being able to go get my allergy shot hasn't helped. Those being all natural extract allergy shots (33+ extracts in three shots), mind you.

This year I am simplifying my life. I plan on using Pinterest, to post, and use affiliate marketing to sell my designs. I am not a fan of technology and social media has become too much.

I will look to connect Pinterest to my website. I've considered letting go of both my websites, and this one. But I may leave up as reference, and/or sell designs not allowed on Pinterest.

My journey has been long and very winding, but I do know something great is near, which was partly why God allowed me to get that sick and bedridden. It sure made my 3-day fast easier. I was intending to do a 3-day fast at the end of the month, which takes preparation. Now I’m thankful to have kickstarted the new year with a cleaner body and clearer mind. It was easier and no prep needed since I wasn’t hungry. It has given my taste buds and portion size a reboot. Normally I wean off food before I fast and I recommend it for anyone and everyone. Thankfully, I was literally not hungry and even had trouble drinking water which is unusual for me. Fasting was easy and worked very well with being bedridden.

I am not one to lay in bed. In fact I hate it. I embraced it because my body was broken. It sucks to be bedridden, but having cervical instability, looking up, down and sideways makes me dizzy. Raising my arms to read or do work on a computer tablet or phone I lose circulation, thanks to the first disability. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Having a rib and muscle removed helped, but not enough. Woke with my left arm totally numb from top to bottom on the inside. Was it coming from my shoulder? My neck? The two crushed bones in my elbow? Google says it may be a stroke or a heart attack. I know it is neither of those. It is the loose joints pressing on a nerve somewhere. Moral to the story? While I was quite disabled last week, it has been a blessing in disguise. Sadly, I've never been allowed to rest. Ever. Well, those days are over.

In fact, what gets me is when people try to compare their injury, illness, pain to mine. I don't take medication, because I can't. More importantly I like my brain and I respect my body. There's the pHARMacy and then there's the FARMacy. I'm doing something right because I remain au naturale, upright, and no meds. Just plant medicine.

For inquiring minds. If you're not sure of EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and all the comorbidities, there are many on YouTube who have a channel all about it. Most are on medication, on a feeding tube, and/or in a wheelchair. They also have friends and family that care. I mention simply in case you or someone you know leave the doctors crying in pain with no answers.

Far too many are clueless and only rely on machinery and labs to diagnose you. Don't let that be you.

I leave you with some VFOS (visions from outer space) since January 1, 2024. Tried fixing all typos. Many MANY more, but my back has been out and any little movement made it difficult to grab phone and dictate. Suffice to say, some are eye opening.

May we all be blessed to do our part to make the world a better place. The gods know we need it!


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