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You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy: I Was Shown "Their Plan"

9-29-2022, 6:45am: Soon to be good news and bad news on the horizon. While many will be happy to have a plethora of people at their beck and call getting money without doing anything, those who truly found their purpose this time around will not. That is the good and the bad news. However, when God returns all will be flipped right side up. "Good" news will become bad for those who didn't earn it. Those who came and took their purpose serious shall be brought to light to the extent they stored their riches in Heaven. While those who enjoyed doing nothing for money (and there are many) shall perish.

Why? Disrespect for life. God is happy to make room for those of us who took life by the horns instead of allowing those horns of evil to take us.

To those who took the easy way out and/or bought their way to “happiness,” tisk tisk. Avoiding growing pains and taking the easy way out has a powerful way of backfiring.

You will own nothing and you will be happy. If you can’t beat em’ join em’?

One by one I saw them leaving their jobs from all walks of life. Not all seemed happy, but all did seem extremely tired and ready for a break. They are wanting to put us into one big cesspool of homeless people, being (COUGH) "catered" to, having fun owning nothing. For many it will be, no work and free money? Sign me up. NOT!

I was shown their idea of that across the planet earth, all at once.

Next was rather cool! Just saw myself moving almost in a running stance, and not out of fear but excitement. I was levitating in a spiral direction heading up. Like a vortex to a stairway to Heaven.

In seeing all congregate on their idea of new earth, those self proclaimed leaders acted like our friends. Walking alongside is chatting with us all (as many stood in line at lunch time) pretending to care. "Free" lunch, mind you. The bullshit was thick, but the sleepwalkers were DIGGIN it. To say the least.

Next I was shown a white feathery curvy line of light open in the sky then disappear suddenly. Next was the sky, not clouds. All began to look like ocean waves. Oh so Soft and gentle.

Then came this song, Sound of Silence

Next, I was shown such a serene peaceful landscape (after the dust settle). Thanks be to President Trump for helping make it possible by shedding light on all the darkness. That is what will be left post aftermath. God's return doing his good deeds for those who worked towards it. So beautiful. I for one AM READY! This is also where the good news and bad news switch places. Meaning those who lived a life of handouts versus those of us who truly worked for what we got.

So many other beautiful visions shown to me. All of which brought me such peace this morning. However, God is not ready for me to share those yet.

May peace in every sense of the word, be with you because NOW is the time to show God you mean business. May you be blessed to do so!


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