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Who Owns Earth?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Ever wonder who owns the earth? I do. Who exactly are we paying to live on Mother Earth? And more importantly, who made them the "landlord" of such magnitude? With the authority to collect money from us? This is a question I have pondered over the decades, before and after buying my house.

Despite wanting to be a real estate investor for forever, then getting my real estate license. I cannot help but wonder who owns earth. Besides that, what is beyond Antarctica? Why are many stopped trying to go past it?

Because of this, I have decided to cancel my plans to buy another home, let alone land. Why pay someone who was not granted rightful ownership? Did Mother Earth give it away? Or did she sell it just as "they" are wanting to sell to us? Or did the "1%" encapsulate it and call it theirs? Whatever the case, this has been going on for far too long, and I for one am done participating.

I am however thankful that many Native American tribes have been given land, but they have also had it taken away and had other atrocities done to them. Not to single out American Indians, many cultures have suffered and it seems to be getting worse as of late. Being 39% Indigenous, I am drawn to all things Native American. I do however believe each and every person is entitled to their own "piece on earth."

Soon, much will be revealed. May these lies/secrets done to humanity be one of many. Although, I still want to know, who owns earth? In my eyes, not a single person or group.

Like Nikola Tesla wanting to provide us with free energy, a piece of land for each of us is no different. I mean, if energy was meant to be free, why not land/earth? There's much to be revealed soon. Real soon.

Bottom line? No one owns the earth, which is why I am no longer buying into it. It should be free for all and for all, free. It is literally no different than the ridiculousness of paying someone to name a star. No one has that right, let alone own any part of space. As I begin winding down on this post, God gives me the song...

God Bless America, a land that's free

Does this song not say it all? Except, this land we call earth goes far beyond the America this songs talks about. With this other song, God Bless America revealing more.

this land is your land, this land is my land

This land is your land, this land is our land rings true more than ever now. I for one will not pay anyone for what "they" do not own or for a house that sit on it. We should all have the freedom to live where we want, free of taxes mind you. I know where I live now is on an acre. Many who've bought near me may need permission or be fined to park their big rigs on the land they purchased. Then there's property tax. In some states, personal property tax. Where does the nonsense end?

Like credit cards basically lending empty money for real money in return with interest, or banks lending out a chunk of our money to fund their practices/loans. This of course a simplified explanation that I do not totally understand, but know without a doubt, something is not right.

Enough already - Truth shall prevail, I can feel it.

May all be blessed to take a piece of what is ours, and may the powers that be from the bright side above make it happen sooner than later.


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