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Haim, A Word For Life

On earth as it is in Heaven, I suppose. Haim, a word for life. A word God gave me this morning, never knowing or ever hearing, tho now knowing haim is our aim.

Been a busy past few weeks lately, filled with visions, lots of songs, conversations, fairies flying right before me, and even dreams. Topped with more training of sorts. God is preparing me for something grand. Something of biblical proportion that we may all have life, as it was intended. Of course, it is earned for those who have worked for it. Storing their riches in Heaven, as opposed to far too many with the wrong aim. Keeping up with the Jones', or is it Kardashians? Either way, that is not life.

Following are a several snippets of things God has shown me over a month, with last week having days of hawks everywhere, as shown below. I find it pretty darn amazingly cool that spirit world reveals itself each and every day, and almost every night. I am blessed. If only I could jot it all down.

Haim 1
Haim 2

Haim 3
Haim 4

Haim 5

Was trying to put the hawk photo next to this, but it is too magnificent to shrink. This being only a small portion of the hawks flying over me lately. They were all around me nearly four days in a row last week, with each flock doing their own circles.

Something is so very near, which will no doubt bring some much needed haim for us all, provided we have been working towards the best life in the eyes of God. So many live for material possessions, status and trying to be someone they are not. That is hardly the "haim is our aim," God meant or what our soul came to do.

As much as I hate tech, even I have a difficult time letting go. Thankful I have rid myself of social media, aside from a tweet every now and then.

flock of hawks

These hawks are Messengers of the highest order and bring quite the awe-inspiring spiritual experience. May all be blessed to witness a flock

of their own. Just know, it does take work on your part. One way to get there? Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so I'd start there. Only when we vibrate on high can such magic occur. That being via diet and detox.

Cheers to a better life for us all. May haim be our aim.


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