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Original Snow Globe: Flat Earth

Cheers to my fellow flat earthers! Those who have no doubt been ridiculed for being awake to the bullshit of "their GLOBAL plan". Before getting started with what God has shown me, I

just wanted to share a few tidbits from the movie, The Truman Show. If that movie doesn’t wake people up to not just the flat earth, the matrix we live in, and the corporation that was made in our name, then lord have mercy on you. The Original snow globe has been a part of our life for as long as many of us can remember. As you'll see in this vision God gave me last week.

In the Truman Show they show the moon as one big spotlight. Interesting. For years Grandmother Moon has been showing me she is handcuffed. Corey Goode mentions it from his experience and contacts. Since YouTube took it down, here’s that video. He talks about it being landlocked. EXPLAINS IT, however, she won't be stuck for long. Thank you Corey.

Not only does that movie clearly elude to

us being on a flat earth, they show the


They also show the stairs God has shown me. I’ve had many visions of the matrix opening. As if these weren’t enough, the movie also states how Truman is the first person to be adopted by a corporation at birth. HELLO-ooh??

While I am no longer a fan of Jim Carey, I have watched that movie 3-4 times and each time I do, I see and hear more. As to why I am no longer a fan of his? He seems stuck in the awakening process.

Anyhow, had “global warming” been real, it would have blown the lid off the matrix. Matrix, Ha! That’s another clue what we live in. Only reason it looks round from NASA is because the round dome around it. In the movie, Truman walks up stairs and out of the matrix. Can it be symbolic for the stairway to Heaven? Yes, as God gives me a thumbs up.

Until God returns, there will always be a divide amongst flat earth and globe trotters. Unless you talk with God and/or have been shown the dome opening, consider doing a tad more

research because the Firmament and Flat Earth are one and the same. And oh so real as you'll see an intro here.

I don't claim to know all, but I can't deny what I've been shown far too many times. I also don't believe the earth to be flat or round, it is both. A donut/torroidal shape. It is also a mushroom of sorts. Full of life, as you’ll see in this vision I was given. The plexiglass looking dome can make anything look round from space.

Hollow earth or shallow people? Both!

many visions of this, only then I wasn't a full fledged flat earther

So yes, unlike the dome in The Truman Show, our dome is clear, so the earth appears round from afar. Top half of the dome is air/space while the bottom is land, albeit hollow, but still considered solid. Solid enough to house tunnels, transportation, life and above all, a place to hide crime. Thus the hate against President Trump for shedding light on so much the sleepwalkers shall know about soon.

Been awhile since I published my Visions From Outer Space book. Only now have I begun to understand many of the visions I’ve drawn over the years. Sure and sadly enough, that was children’s blood I drew, and the White House being turned upside down. And NOT by J6.

I have so many visions/drawings of the matrix being opened. I didn’t understand the mushroom one until I began drawing the earth globe last week. I knew we were related to jellyfish somehow, but mushrooms were quite enlightening.

Many times, God has shown me the matrix opening. I cannot wait to see these places in real life, and in the flesh instead of only astrally. The dome over us was shown to me as a side view. I’ve heard the reference of earth being a snow globe, so seeing it recently was another confirmation of the original snow globe. AKA… flat earth.

A living breathing beauty capable of regenerating herself, as are we. Not to mention the life we can all bring her. And vice versa, provided we give back, respect, and pay homage to our Mother Earth.

Our dear Mother Earth shall soon breathe a sigh of relief. I leave you with one more thought. Years ago I attended an Earth Day event at City Hall in Los Angeles. I was rather impressed with Germany being in the lead for green energy. I don’t know enough about what’s going over there right now to explain, just KNOW, not good. Why? Is it because they followed “their” agenda? Again, God says yes.

Please wake up. More than your future, it is the future of life as we know it. Stop bowing down the the sickening of our body and planet. Climate change is just another hoax. The best solution for clean air is to open the matrix. Lord knows what air we breathe and what 5G is doing to us. We are being radiated alive and listened to via the chem trails.

Of course their man made food shortage is no joke. Oy vay. That’s another post.

May you be blessed to see soon. Because, as my fellow flat earthers say, calling it a globe was just part of their global agenda.

Well wishes all ways,



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