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What Do Flat Earth and Climate Change Have In Common?

If earth were truly round, spinning in space, not only would weather manipulation be impossible, climate change wouldn’t be an issue. The so-called called “gases” from cars, cows and more would also not stand a chance with the globe spinning as fast as NASA and others expect us to believe. We live on a flat earth with a dome overhead, which makes climate change easy to manipulate.

It is the dome/firmament that make both possible. More than once God has shown me the flat earth, as well as what is beyond the matrix. Like the movie The Truman Show with Jim Carrey, I’ve seen the dome open. And beyond it, I’ve been shown castles, people looking down on us, jellyfish in space, portals, and even a root system on the bottom of earth. That which many craft travel down to reach true space, which by the way is water.

Even Wikipedia describes the firmament as a dome, before stating how advances have since shown otherwise. Ha! They also say it was created by God. Hardly. Earth was here long before God, but that is just one of the endless lies told to us. All in hopes of hiding heaven on earth and truth. Truth of much, including how we are not alone in this vast creation of space. Not only should energy and land be free, “they” are making money off us all, from the corporation they created in each of our names. Thanks to our birth certificates in all uppercase letters.

flat earth with firmament over

Lots of info/intro in that last paragraph, however, this post is solely about the flat earth and its dome making the climate change hoax ongoing. Only thing that makes it possible is the ongoing weather manipulation affecting us all. Not to mention, the variety of animals that feed many being slaughtered and/or poisoned. With the latter now taking seafood away from my already limited diet. I’ve literally been a vegetarian since birth, but with each passing year, I am becoming more of a vegan. I’ve tried it in the past, but lost too much weight. Now I have no choice. My only sources of animal protein for the last few years have been seafood and dairy. Thank God for the protein in plants.

Climate change is manmade. That hoax is their way of forcing us to become INSECTARIANS. For those who haven’t seen the vast number of dead fish, cattle, dolphins, and chickens, I’ve included a few links throughout. By hook or crook, they want us dead. COVID wasn’t enough, they’re now releasing manufactured mosquitoes. The latest man made storms already brought more nats and other flying insects, but apparently not enough for the likes of Bill Gates and others.

pssst... a daily pickle a day keeps the mosquitos away

I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist more than once, and quite frankly, I don’t care. You can thank mainstream media for the brainwashing. We were not created to be gullible or naive, but instead live out and learn from our karma. Don’t take my word for it. If you want real news, go to where it’s real. Because sources of food as we know it are under attack. The flatulence of cows or the "bird flu" of chickens are not the problem, they are being killed and used an an excuse. With the need for electric cars being more of that nonsense. No thank you. They can pull that plug at any time.

I leave you with several of my sources of information, with God giving me visions and yays or nays along my journey of discovery. Everything I write gets his approval. Meanwhile, I long for the day he returns. Soon I'm told, soon.

(Bitchute,, Rumble, Telegram and a few others)

May all be blessed to do your own homework, because only then will you have true health care. We must be careful what we eat now more than ever. I know as I become lighter in body and spirit, darn near everything affects me. That being the power of Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


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