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Opening To The Matrix? Sure Looks Like It

Old maps don't lie. This is a pretty amazing video that doesn't only show the land past Antarctica, it mentions this area quite possibly being a Garden of Eden. Yet, at the same time it talks about this expansive land wrapped around ours being where "they" are making fake food for us stuck in the matrix. Literally out of plastic. Recycled trash to be exact, according to that first link. With plastic now being found in hearts. Question is, does the plastic come from the other side of the opening to the matrix? From all the plastics food comes in? Or both? After watching the first video, I'm thinking both. Second link discusses the plastic found in food.

Think it's a conspiracy theory? Think again, video has a clip of FOX news talking about plastic being turned into food. Another form of slowly releasing truth.

This is exactly why they don't let anyone past Antarctica. We would see our birth right of being surrounded by food forests everywhere. There are many continents past Antarctica as this other old map shows, as well as the opening to the matrix. Lots of land, and quite possibly other life forms. Not only that, guy in video says this is the place of our human origin. Yes, on the other side of the matrix. Both maps show the opening to the matrix and flat earth that God has shown me far too many times to count.

flat earth with opening of matrix

These old maps are more proof of our flat earth. Believe it or not, but God does agree with both links, with the first being a 25-minute video showing the opening to the matrix and so much more. Like fake seasons and darkness. Talk about trying to leave us in the dark. As they continue to fake climate change, pandemics, and natural disasters in hopes of population control.

If you haven't seen the The Truman Show or have only seen it once, there's some serious truth hidden in plain site in that movie. Flat earth is real and so is the matrix. The opening that Jim Carrey walks into looks like the opening to the matrix shown on both those old maps.

Meanwhile, the man narrating that rather amazing video is the first person to ever talk about our food being made outside the matrix.

God-ahh love truth bombs that even God agrees with, which is rare. I do not post anything God does not agree with, let alone allow.

May all be blessed to think about the origin of each and everything you eat. Grow what you can, buy local, and always in season.

Cheers and Bon Apetit! Soon much will be revealed. Stay strong and healthy.


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