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Vaxxed Or Not, DETOX Before Conception

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

As a Detox Mentor I've helped several get pregnant. Unless it is a birth defect or injury of sorts, all biologically born women can get pregnant. However, responsibility should not fall solely on the mother. Men should also consider getting body and blood clean before choosing to create life. No child wants to grow in a dirty environment. Vaxxed or not, detox before conception can bring long term wonders.

Not to single out those vaxxed. Many of us who remain un-COVID-vaxxed can still have spike proteins. This due to the shedding that is occuring from those who did take the shot. From baby girls menstruating due to parents shedding via breath or vaxxed parent, to those vaxxed having their monthly cycles becoming unpredictable, it is causing problems to all. From heart to hormones, and so much more in between. Male or female.

Thankfully, the spike proteins can be removed from body. Fully? I doubt it. But better some than none. There are many ways, all with the health of your body in mind.

Only years later do I realize what God was showing me when I drew this vision. A spike protein. Vaxxed or not, they are also being injected into certain food products.

spike protein vision 2019

COVID shots are known to work with 5G. Seems they are also creating mutant babies with "extraordinary" abilities. This link has a short video about babies that are standing at two days old and walking at two weeks. Pretty scary if you ask me. Their genome has been altered. This is not to single out the COVID shot, all vaccines have potential to cause vaccines, which is why the Amish tend to be free of dis-ease.

Wherever your place and level of health, it is never too late to detox. Having had both parents die of cancer far too young, I do my best to be proactive thru diet and detox. Having a birth defect with comorbidities, and the inability to take modern meds has been a blessing in disguise. I will not die of cancer.

I do not share to instill fear, but instead to empower you to be your own doctor, more often than not. Detox hasn't only kept me upright, it has been my best religion and connection to spirit world.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness time and time again. From body, mind, heart and soul, it is a gift that keeps giving. For some, generations to come.

I leave you with a disturbing video on the BS and extent of climate change hoax. I mentioned in a recent post about allowing euthanasia to help climate change. You may agree to disagree, believe or not. I share because I care. I also do not share anything God does not agree on. This snapshot taken from video. Near the end of video, he admits to being a part of the wickedness.

snapshot from disturbing video

May all be blessed to awaken to the magic of detox. It is one liberty we all have control over (for now).


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