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Turbo Cancers Are Not A Death Sentence

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

So much has happened post COVID. With depopulation tactics from every angle to now turbo cancers, myocarditis and AIDS.

Vaxxed or not, every single person should detox regularly. If a vehicle needs regular maintenance, our body needs that TENFOLD, due to the wrong kind of fuel we are putting in us. Unvaccinated? Here's why you also need it. The air we breath, "smart" technology and clothing, foods, drinks, and even water have toxins. With God confirming, no one is free of toxins.

Keeping this post short, but as a Detox Mentor, here's what you can do to look and feel your best.

  • Stop taking any mRNA vaccine - it is not a vaccine. It is worse than Russian Roulette. Do your homework on any vaccine and consider learning from the Amish who don't vaccinate their children.

  • Eat unprocessed food. Our body can heal itself when fed from the FARMacy. Local is best.

  • Time can heal. Total reversal may be not be possible, but detox with diet will add years to your life and life to your years.

This video discusses both above and below in more detail. If not for your body, do for your mind and soul.

As for what you can do to prevent a death sentence, here are some.

  • 3-Day water fast to help body eliminate damaged cells by way of autophagy. It will also help body produce stem cells. Aim for once/month, if not once every three. When you do decide to fast or even detox, make sure you are pooping daily. Adding charcoal to this or any cleanse not only helps bind, neutralize and eliminate the toxins, it can help purify your blood. No home should be without charcoal. It puts the fire out on much like food poisoning, stomach flu, hangover, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and more.

Vaccinated individuals should do a spike protein detox. Video above talks about a Dr. McCullough who has a list of items that are easy to purchase and take, a few being natokinase, bromelaine, and curcumin. All are over-the-counter.

MMS Testimonies

Not mentioned in the video, but excellent for just about any and all dis-ease are ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and MMS (miracle mineral solution), which is easy to make.

Also not mentioned but can speed up the detox and become a way of health and healing long term are:

A class of foods that gluten falls under. They are lectins, which can act like poison. Many are considered healthy, which was news to me as well. Dr. Gundry has a great book about them, The Plant Paradox. This link gives you the lists, with a little about the why we should avoid. List also includes the "Yes" foods.

Next, also not mentioned is, eating for your blood type. You'd be surprised what your blood type knows. This book is a wealth of information. I find the $3.99+/- app more user friendly than book, without all the reading. Over two decades ago I tried this diet. I quit after a month because I wanted to eat foods that book and app say to avoid. Fast forward to 2015 and my second NDE, I am now allergic to those exact foods. A few include, white coconuts which I consumed by the case. Avocados and even cinnamon. There's many more, but you may remember, even certain blood types were getting COVID more than other blood types.

Video above does talk about getting rid of free radicals. My daily way (not mentioned) is going barefoot whenever home. It is grounding, and often referred to as Earthing. My moccasins are the next best thing. Video does mention quercetin, flax, olive leaf extract and dandelion.

Antioxidants are mentioned. Here's the one used in the movie, Dallas Buyers Club. A true story about HIV/AIDS. Only then it was called Interferon. Shaklee got the rights to sell under the name Nutriferon.

You must boost and maintain your immune system. Mentioned are Vit. D, zinc, selenium, magnesium and B complex.

Smartly mentioned were some foods to avoid. I added dairy. Try to avoid making them staples and instead save for special occasions. Just know, they can be addicting. Meaning, like an alcoholic falling off the wagon, we can too.

  • Sugar - feeds infection, parasites love, highly addictive and aging.

  • Flour (white breads and pastas) are like paper mache. They can trap old waste and harden our colon. Not to mention, crazy addictive. I always aim for organic anything, for bread sourdough and like pasta, preferably from Italy, or somewhere where they don't poison the soil.

  • Dairy - causes mucus, which can lead to cysts and tumors. I know not all dairy created equally. Dr. Gundry is big on A2 dairy. And again, your blood type will tell you what types are beneficial and which to avoid for your blood type.

Organic, non GMO food, otherwise you are eating toxic fertilizers, and the steroids, hormones, and antibiotics given to animals. Pasture raised organic is best, otherwise you are eating the soy, corn and other cheap foods the animals eat. Local Harvest has plenty of info on whereabouts near you. Including cowpooling with locals.

Anti nanobucket not mentioned. I made one of these, fairly easy but wire gets costly. You simply soak and add a few easy to get inexpensive ingredients.

Stay away from anything "smart," including their plan for smart clothing, down to our underwear.

Whatever you eat, chew it to a liquid. That helps give your body the energy to heal.

So much for keeping it short. This is however my first love. Helping people help themselves get and remain healthy, which is what my birth defect with comorbidities taught me. Many with Ehlers-Danlos+++ are wheelchair bound and/or with a feeding tube. I remain upright and active thanks to my diet and regular detox. That to include coffee enemas for pain, keeping my blood clean and taming the taste buds.

Good food and detox will help keep thoughts in check. While some were unknowingly injected with placebos to show the world, "see I'm okay, nothing happened," others can create what they don't want, including turbo cancers, with or without the shot. Our mind is a powerful thing. The outcome we want is what we should focus on.

May all be blessed with the best health in body, mind and soul, and remember, Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I leave you with just a glimpse of what is in our food supply chain. More reason to buy local.


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