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Trauma Induced Schizophrenia?

Yes and no. I do however believe the majority of those diagnosed with schizophrenia are not crazy, they are connected. How so? They see and hear what others don't. We all have the ability to hear and see. Question is, is it malefic or benefic? All too often it is from the dark side of the Universe. They love using people as a puppet. Seeing, hearing, saying and doing things they wouldn't normally do. More so when it causes fear. So is there such a thing as trauma induced schizophrenia? Yes.

How do I know? Had I seen a doctor in the midst of my massive spiritual awakening, I would have been diagnosed as schizophrenic. That I know. How did it happen? I chose to go without a home for 3.5 years. During that time, I house and dog sat, stayed in hotels, lived in my vehicle, on a big rig and six months alone on a mountain. My six months is what did my body in. This was also before knowing I had a birth defect with several comorbidities. Towards the end, I was beyond tired to the point of traumatized. When I left the mountain I cried for a week. I was not only weak, I cried of absolute fatigue and because I survived. I stayed because I needed to finish what I started on the 1.5 acres my parents left.

Call it what you want, but the devil does not pass up a chance to try and take over when we are at our weakest. Multiply that by many when our purpose is great. I know I am near reaping what I have sown for literally two decades. While most focus on building their riches on earth, I have done mine in heaven/the bright side of Universe, and because of that, I have been sought after by dark energies. To this day, "they" try to take me down. Having POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) can nearly stop me from breathing, more so since I refuse pHARMaceuticals. Those are the times the devil tries to scare me, like two nights ago.

I am thankful I have discovered a force greater than God to help me. In the worst of it, I did not understand why God or Jesus could not help me. It wasn't until I asked, who do you report to. I then a heard a voice say, "it is granted." It was a huge voice, like that of the Wizard on The Wizard of Oz. This after seeing and hearing much, including seeing myself hanging out my front door. Seeing things is no joke. It can be a blessing, if and only if we have mastered the dark side. I've seen the spiders, snakes, and heard many voices like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty.

It wasn't until I had the power behind me, a few tattoos of protection, and finally brass bells that I had "them" under control. No amount of sage helped. My house was filled with the smoke of it, as I prayed. Nothing helped. Dark side truly hates the sound of brass bells. For that reason, I keep one next to me at night since that is when my breathing gets slow and they try to take me down. Of course the number one way to stop any and all voices or seeing things is to be fearless.

It breaks my heart to see so many accept schizophrenia as a diagnosis. It most often isn't. Trauma induced schizophrenia does happen, but I for one believe because those afflicted have a great purpose. Dark side just loves their chance at preventing it.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. That has also been my weapon against darkness, against weakness, and from going backwards. If having a connection with spirit world is what you want, you have got to be ready and do what it takes to get and stay there. Far too many get stuck in an awakening. I know one that happened to, I met one whose friend has been instituted for it. That following a difficult break up. I also truly believe Jim Carrey may have gotten stuck. So, while awake, he has more to go. Until he gets thru it, some of what he says is not at all from the bright side.

Speaking of the bright side, now that I am past all fear and schizophrenia like symptoms, what do I see? Fairies, spirit animals, God, and my cat's spirit buddies, tho she sees more than me. I also often get visits from hawks and hummingbirds. Life is great in spirit world, but you must be ready and keep your body healthy. Otherwise, trauma induced schizophrenia can take anyone down, which is why many homeless seem to be talking to themselves. They aren't. And while some converse with darkness, making them commit crimes, others like Neale Donald Walsh publish books on conversations with God.

Bottom line is, we need to let go and let God. Whomever your god may be, they have your spirit's best interest at heart. Eating high vibrating foods not only help keep darkness away, they help prevent trauma induced schizophrenia. Add to that detox, and you will get further along faster. Just be ready.

And finally, to get a glimpse of those deemed crazy, consider watching El Rey on Netflix. I've mentioned it several times here on my blog. You will see, his purpose was great. Not only did the devil appear, he literally had many close to Vicente Fernandez killed. It is a show in Spanish with English subtitles. Very worth the watch if you care to understand the spirit world. Almost forgot another weapon against darkness, my scapular. Aside from going in water, I wear it 24/7. There's power behind it, which you'll see El Rey also be given one.

Whatever you decide, you owe it to your soul to live on purpose. Getting there is your test. It is what you came here to do. Far too many make the mistake of wanting everything easy. From work to family. Life was not meant to be easy. We do not grow in our comfort zone.

May all be blessed to live fearlessly when it comes to our soul. Diet and detox help.


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