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There's An Ass In Aspartame

While I agree with most of Dr. Mercola's articles. God, my Guides and I have come to the conclusion, he does not write everything he posts.

This infographic is just that, information packed. But, as much as I wanna write, BUTT. If you're gonna talk about "aspartame," then please include why there's an "ASS" in aspartame.

Since he and/or his many ghostwriters fail to include that one rather important detail, I wrote about it here. Other than a bit of a rant, YAY on the decline of soda drinkers. And the rest of his article.

"Better still, the rate of decline is increasing. Carbonated soft drink sales declined by 1.2 percent in 2015, as measured by total volume, which is a greater decline than the 0.9 percent drop in 2014." ~Dr. Mercola~

Now, may all those that have cut back or quit, join in on, March Against Monsanto. You've taken your first step. This'll be an even bigger one on behalf of your health and the health of planet earth.

May you be blessed to see the light in their deception.


Me: how's that? We love it. Woo Hoo! Me: did I hear a KUDOS? Yes Me: who was that, God? Yes Me: too funny. Thank you all. Got a title in mind? There's An Ass In Aspartame Me: too funny. Thank you.

Another example of their sense of humor.

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