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Farewell, Blogosphere! Hello, New Adventures!

Hello, dear readers!

After much deliberation, countless cups of green tea, and some intense conversations with my cat, I've decided it's time to hang up my blogging hat to simplify my life. This change will leave me with more time and energy for new adventures!

Not to worry, this isn't a goodbye—more like a "see you on a different platform!" I will not only leave this website up, I will look to add my handful of social media threads here soon. With plans for a new website look come 2025.

Where to Find Me:

  • YouTube: I'll be posting more of the same, as I learn my way thru video creation. Expect humor, insights, visions, and no doubt God's latest shenanigans. (Working on learning that now). Same name, 4 Sacred Hearts

  • X/Twitter: For quick thoughts, random observations, and in time, a meme or two. Follow me at 4 Sacred Hearts.

  • Quora: Where I dive deep into your questions as a Detox Mentor and life/spirit coach. If you have burning questions, you know where to find me.

While I won't be updating this blog anymore, all the content will remain up for your reading pleasure. Consider it my little library of thoughts/wisdom gained, open 24/7.

This isn't a farewell—it's a thrilling new chapter! I look forward to connecting with you all in new and exciting ways.

May you continue to be blessed!


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