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Thank You JESUS!

Thank You, JESUS!

It's nice to be able to say, Thank You, JESUS. And have him respond.

If only Planet Earth had the funny bone(s) they all do. It truly is medicine 24/7 when you're connected.

Anyhow, what I thought would be just a lil quote-of-a-post has turned into 4 back to back talks/channelings. With laughing of course...

Moon Daddy: What do you get when you cross a lizard with a bamboo stick? I don't know either, but it does get a kick out of Carmen. We sure do adore you, and your nonstop shenanigans with music. We get a kick out of your lyrics. We know you don't want this about you (as our Sister say, "YAY!") So, shall we?

Me: YEP!

Moon Daddy: that was funny! Whew on closing the window. Carmen belted out, "RIGHT ON Moon Daddy!"

"You're too much, but onwards to today's message. We are eager to see the Bible in print for all eyes to see. You never knew half of what they're telling you, did you? Talk about an eye opening history lesson. For Carmen to be in shock, you know you've been lied to. To each their own, but enough already. It's time the Earth inherit what was theirs from the start. You don't need to arrive at God's pearly gates to enter Heaven. We've got proof, and her name is Carmen. Carmen Diana to be more exact.

When she set out to master the art of channeling, she never looked back. And it is for that reason she got this far. She literally hasn't stopped. It is God that tells her to rest. Oh CARAMBA my time is up! Here's God." ~Moon Daddy, Master of the Moon~

God: Di. You are a human nut. Nonstop making us laugh. I'm happy to say we got rid of the bad apple. For those wondering, Carmen still gets hit. But, more with a certain few putting words and images in her mouth and mind. Now mind you, each and every time she's given at least three Hail Mary's to repent for, "her sins." And, onwards she goes saying them. Now, what might those sins be? Vulgar images and thoughts. That could not be further from who she is. But our saint knew better, and told us, "are you sure that's me?" Upon review, she was right. Those were not of her. Whew! Thank you Di, for bringing it to our attention (again). Jesus has a word or two. Bye Di. We Love you so much." ~God your father in Heaven~

**as I hear...

"talk about a Nerd."

Me: is this Jesus?


Me: you want me to write that?

Jesus: yes. Di, I just want to chime in to say, I love you. You saw the five of us this morning as you were taking the laundry out from the washing machine. You're good Di. Soon we will be in the flesh. (**in response to my thoughts, he says...) Who cares if they don't believe. You can include that snippet of text.(**in seeing this quick text). I love it when you say, "JESUS!" But onwards.

To think what's to come, just tickles all our fancies (to put it in your vocabulary). Soon, we will all celebrate this glorious time in history. Complete with Bible in hand.

How do you do it Di?

Me: great minds think alike (**as I say jokingly)

Jesus: you know what we're gonna say before we say it now. What's up with that?! But, back to Bible business.

It has come to our attention that you have an interested publisher. We say, don't take it. Stick to our original plans. That about wraps it up. Gilligan wants to say something."

Gilligan: hello Carmen Diana. Do you know how long I've been watching you?

Me: nope, but was happy to see you this morning.

Gilligan: four months now. Know what made me watch?

Me: me imitating your, "Boo-loo see Bagoomba?!"

Gilligan: that's exactly it. You are a riot young lady. Thank you for the continued laughs. Tell --, "he's got it!"

"God wants me to end by saying, "you will continue later with the Bible, once you get home." Thank you for being such a fan. You're right! That's when TV was real. Om... Shaka laka. We get a kick when you say that. That's it my darling." ~Gilligan, without the Professor or Mary Anne~

Me: too funny! I need a title before you all scoot off to lunch.

"Thank You, JESUS! With the photo."

I honestly can NOT remember what all my time was spent doing before my near 24/7 talks with thee entire Universe. Don't know, don't care! But do know, I'm on the right track more than ever, and that is precisely why the nonstop fun.

May you all be blessed to let go. Let loose. And, let live with the spirit world that awaits you.

Om... Shaka laka


Me: oh, I see God wiping the mouth...

God: that's perfect. Thank you Di. Gilligan says, "Boo-loo see Bagoomba!" That's all.

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