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Surviving The Matrix

If God were not returning, these steps would be necessary. Of course, it’s better to have and not need than need and not have. Surviving the matrix is rather apropos for what our planet is going thru right now. For the last decade I've worked towards bringing my homestead a reality, learning all I could by taking courses and volunteering to build a straw bale house, two cob ovens and a super adobe seed storage dome.

Learning permaculture was a dream come true. I was darn near a full time volunteer at the Los Angeles County Arboretum where another woman, a paid employee, and I broke ground and built a huge greenhouse for the permaculture demonstration garden. Once ground was prepped, it didn't take long for many other volunteers to join in. This after she and I did all the hard work. No complaints, I learned a lot! Shortly after this 1.5+ year volunteer gig, I took the permaculture course and learned even more, tho my favorite will always remain building. Thus my seven years working concrete construction.

Whether prepping for a homestead or to remain in the upright position should there be an EMP or EMF attack, this video explains much of what is going on. "Their" plans. I titled this post to match the video because that is what is needed. Be prepared to survive the matrix, which will be revealed soon.

Growing fruits, vegetables, raising animals, and cooking from scratch are a great start. Knowing how to live off grid is easier than most believe. I did it for over six months straight living on a mountain solo and off/on during my nearly three and a half years without a home. I LOVED it. However, this post is more about what light that video sheds, including the earth being flat and our moon being held hostage. For years, Grandmother Moon has shown me she is handcuffed. That video discusses two moons, which I've also seen.

If earth were truly round, there wouldn't be a dome. It is neither flat nor round, but instead both. One half is solid, or sorta since the soil portion has tunnels and cities. The other half is clear empty space, which is why it looks like a solid globe from afar. This is where all the weather manipulation and cooking of our bodies is done. The "cooking" is explained in the video. He also teaches how to build a vest to counteract radiation. Of course, aluminum foil has now shot up in price. By a LOT.

I've been there and done much prepping. Problem now is, my body is giving out. My dad was a prepper but died when I was nine. Prepping is in my blood, only now I have God on my side, giving me the yays and nays of how to prepare. Many talk about the second coming of Christ, and I believe it. EXCEPT, it won't be Jesus, it will be God. I for one cannot WAIT because I know he has an assignment or two for me when he gets here. YAY!!!!

If we fail to plan we can plan on failing. I was prepared. My electrical, solar, wood, and welding courses helped me further. I had nearly a dozen fruit trees ready to break ground before deciding to go without a home for 40 days. Since that turned into nearly three and half, I was not given my trees back. I realize they were gone longer than expected, but giving them away was not my plan, especially since all were housed in huge smart pots to remain ready for moving day.

I have since abandoned most of my plans. Why? The "man" who promised to do all with me did not do a single thing. Zip, zero, zilch, nada. I did, kept doing, including building an aquaponics system complete with tilapia, but no help got to me and my many ailments. Ailment he gets paid to help with but doesn't. And mind you, left arm now disabled from him. Not abuse, but a wire he left across the door of chicken coop has me with a deformed arm. Am I stuck? Sure feels like it, but God says soon.

Interestingly, my mother always told me, "never fall for a man's lies." Well, I did for the past decade. Yes, call it love. I guess you can say, do me wrong once and shame on you. Do it again and it's shame on me. Not quite. God has had me right where he wants me, which is why he has also broken three bones over the years. Forces me to sit and stay on his plan. At last I feel I am on the course that He and the bright side of Universe have me on. Sure it has taken a lot of letting go of all my dreams, including adopting, but I know the plans he has for me will be better than anything I have worked towards. At least all that hard work won't go in vain. I shall appreciate my forever dream home more than ever, knowing what and how long it took to step foot into it.

May you please consider watching the video. It is a mere portion of surviving the matrix. However, it is rather good and not crazy long or boring. Most importantly, he has humanity's best interest at heart.

Cheers to surviving the matrix before the big reveal.



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