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27+ EASY Must Haves for PAIN Management

Feels like forever since I've written consistently. Decided to begin again with what has kept me away. PAIN. Sure there are many types of pain. But if you suffer from the many conditions and/or missing body parts like I do, the pain pretty much never ends. In fact, just when I think it cannot get worse, it does.

Aside from the many surgeries, I will list the conditions and remedies that I have been using for more than two decades. And while I do have a ton of pHARMaceuticals (collecting dust), I prefer the FARMacy for pain management over harsh drugs any day.

My diagnoses, or what some refer to as comorbidities to date are the following:

  1. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - BILATERAL. Complete with 1st rib resection on the left and a scalenectomy on the right

  2. Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS)- being flexible has its rewards, pain is not one of them

  3. Stickler Syndrome with possible Wagner Syndrome (waiting on final report) - like EDS, affects joints and more

  4. Occipital Neuralgia - one word... OUCH! It hurts to lie on a pillow

  5. Autonomic Neuralgia - no fun, especially when it comes to body temperature

  6. Scoliosis - lovely. Makes me bump into walls at times

  7. Mast Cell Activation - this is the one that has forced me to eat better my entire life

  8. Gastroparesis - this along with #7, have been my life long teachers on what and what not to eat

  9. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia - WOW!! This and #5 sent me to E.R last year. Put one gal (out of the country) in hospital for 4 months. Me, they sent me home after 21 hours. Needless to say, I white knuckled it and feared falling asleep for months, for fear I would not wake up. It is that scary

  10. Asthma (previous post explains how I've kept it under control)

  11. Cervical Instability - this is the one causing Gastroparesis and being underweight the last several months. Right now my BMI sits at 14. YIKES!

  12. there's more-- will add as I remember/look up. Because yes, pain and nutrient absorption issues have affected my brain

ACUPUNCTURE helps, tho have yet to meet someone that does not treat me like a number. Or worse, compare their aches and pains to mine. However, I continue to go twice/month to keep energy flowing.

Had I known about my two birth defects (#'s 2 & 3) I may have played my life safe, but then again I'm thankful I didn't know. Why? Because I already have regret for the things I didn't do. It took dying in 2015 to begin doing more. My biggest regret is not dancing more. That alone is one of THEE best medicines for my body, mind, heart and soul. However, God tells me I will dance again. All I can say is YAY!! For now, singing can be added to the following list. Why? Because it helps stimulate the vagus nerve. Does my soul good too of course.

Now to address what I use for pain management, what I have used over the years, and which is MY personal best (this month at least). Not photographed are my cookie before bed and my sip of alcohol (as needed for daytime pain relief). While the cannabis cookie is a nightly thing, my alcoholic beverage is not. I drink one as needed and began with a strong IPA, with the brand #DENOGNIZER being my FAV. Nowadays I either take a shot of tequila or have a glass of Mead, as I continue to perfect my own batches of Mead. That being an ancient alcoholic beverage God introduced me to. I loved the pain relief beer gave me but stopped since grains are not good for at least one of my conditions.

I will say, the marijuana cookie helps me fall asleep but not stay asleep. With EDS, ribs have a way of dislocating. Talk about a WAKE UP CALL! Of course my cookies are made with the leaves/shake, meaning not as strong as they could be. I may try the wax, made from buds. Not a fan of, or good at smoking, so that remains out of the question. Besides, the times I did try, the effects don't last long enough. Till I met the heavy hitter. A vape cartridge, all natural with a non damaging filter.

That said, here's my list of pain management products I have tried and/or continue to use.

  1. Cervical Collar (too DAMN hot). Waiting on a professionally fitted one that isn't thick and SCHWEATY

  2. Neck/Shoulder ice pack (LOVE, but does not last long enough). Cold being excellent for our nervous system

  3. Heating pad (gets too hot, but feels rather nice, especially upon waking)

  4. Figure 8 brace (helps tremendously, just too bulky and not custom made)

  5. Enema bag for coffee enemas (helps a lot, but more for those with toxic weight/waste)

  6. Marijuana rub (homemade) helps, but not enough for my deep down multiple conditions

  7. CBD rub (homemade) CBD does not help my level of pain

  8. KT Tape - helps wonderfully, but best if someone can help apply. Sure beats bulky braces. A tad itchy

  9. Tiger Balm - great for short term pain relief

  10. Bengay - same as above

  11. Golden raisens soaked in gin (have yet to eat 10/day, but DO help with inflammation)

  12. Salon Pas (been using these for decades). Great to have on hand

  13. Salon Pas Lidocaine - help tremendously, but do not stick well

  14. Tribedoce - this works GREAT!!!!!, but B-12 being main ingredient, can keep me up at night. This is the only product with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory. What I LOVE about this remedy is the energy it gives me. More pain=less energy, so... more energy=less pain. Choice is ours. Of course detox helps both.

  15. Pain rub from Mexico - feels GREAT! Had another with peyote and marijuana, very soothing

  16. Rick Simpson Oil - ( homemade) works very well and not just for pain, tho you need to work your way up on this

  17. TENS Unit - love, but my sensitivities make me itch. Need "sensitive" sticky pads for my skin

  18. Cool/Heat rub- this helps, but my sensitive system can taste and feel WAY TOO MUCH for my liking. UGH!

  19. Pain rub - just realized I never tried. Soon. Not a fan of aerosols, but willing to try once

  20. Pain rub - takes edge off pain

  21. Sound Healing Tuning Fork - quite wonderful, just not enough pain relief. Music for my soul however

  22. Knee brace - helps when on feet all day, but too generic for my size

  23. Magnets - a gift from my mother, which help a lot. My body just itches for the slightest of things

  24. Massager - massage being my best remedy, just need someone to help

  25. Gua Sha - these work GREAT, but arm tires easily. Helped me get my Class A license 4 months after wrist surgery

  26. Capzasin (just below Salon Pas Lidocaine) NOT NUMBERED - my FAV as of late due to my lack of circulation

  27. And finally, something I received after photo taken, my friends CD. This continues to help me a LOT. Takes my mind off the pain in the best of ways. Howard is a gifted musician. He also creates music based on what he sees around you. To this day I LOVE the piano instrumental he created for me, and me alone. My problem with any type of listening is I have a difficult time sitting still, which is one reason I do not meditate. This CD was my GO TO for pain relief following latest surgery. So good, it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I use this over pain meds. A true Godsend.

Ease Chronic Pain by Howard Richman. FYI... he does a lot more than ease pain. If you are in Southern California, he can teach you a thing or two about music, health and healing. Last night's pain management combination consisted of heating pad, cookie and a lidocaine patch taped on. At last a near full night's sleep. So much so my brain had a chance to detox, I kid you not.

And now for which is my favorite to apply? Lately it is CAPZASIN simply because it helps with my circulation. Having bilateral Thoracic Outlet Syndrome takes a toll on circulation. It hurts to look up, look down, raise arms and even turn head. Of course nerve damage does not help. Thanks to my vagus nerve being affected.

Once upon a time I was a barber and hairdresser, nowadays you'd never know by the looks of my Cabeza de Heavón. That being a joke between God and I. When he sees me as smart, he pretends to measure my head. I used to say cabeza de melón (melon head).

The gods willing I will soon have complete relief. God says that day is near. Not to mention the Med Beds that await us all.

I do know that going thru a massive spiritual awakening has taken a toll on me. However, I am not alone. Many become riddled with pain and dis-ease. The difference between them and me is I chose to live. Having a Bachelors degree in Holistic Nutrition helps, tho I learned more from lifelong discoveries of helping myself and coaching others.

Disease is not a death sentence. It can actually be the best time of our lives for getting closer to God and finding our purpose. Universal Holy World has a way of testing us. They like to see what we're made of, and since I have never taken the easy way out, I have been on their radar since 2015. Well, kinda sorta all my life, as you'll see on my "About" Page.

Should pain management be of interest to you, all I can say is Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Diet and detox have not only been my best religion, they are what keep me connected to God, lost loved ones and the bright side of the Universe. More importantly, off pHARMaceuticals and not bedridden.

May you be blessed to find what works for you, because I know pain can make or break us. Last thing you want to do is have a pity party. If you think you can, you will. Good or bad. Much of what we feel is a matter of choice. Why not make it mind over matter? That's what keeps me in the upright position. To a fault yes, but BY GOLLY, I'm still standing. Only now I rest often. That to me is the best of both worlds.

CHEERS to your health, healing and happiness!


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