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Magic Muffler

In asking for a quote this morning, several were on a roll with one or more. And all kinda in reference to the New Earth. Puya, my Pleiadian sister starts it out...

"Once upon a time, all Hell broke loose. That time is now."

"When the going gets tough, get going where you think you can't go."

"Talk about hypocrite. When you take apart that word, what do you get? We don't know either, but suffice to say, we are flabbergasted at the loveless planet humans live on." ~ Puya, Ground Control for St. Carmen~

"Heres's God"

Me: God feeling a lil philosophical this morning? "Gosh Di, we love you so much. We celebrated on behalf of your birthday. UTOT has a quote for you, I'll be back with mine."

They are so DARN sweet! Next is UTOT, Master of The Milky Way with a few of her own, including a snippet of song...

"If tomorrow never comes, where is it you think you'll go? What seeds have you planted? What gardens have you sown? What hills have you climbed? And what bridges did you cross? Take your time to answer that, but if tomorrow never comes, may you be blessed."

"Look around, what do you see? Clouds or Stars? The birds and the bees? And the flowers and the trees? Or the Moon up above, not a thing called Love? Angels or "Aliens?" God or your neighbor? And Jesus or Pokemon? You know what we see when we look down upon planet Earth? Nothing. That my friends is a dreaded shame, but, ooops. These are meant to be quotes. Next and final one from me...

"If all you see are Stars and Stripes, you've got it all wrong. That, for all of America." ~UTOT, Master of The Milky Way~

God is back with a couple more...

"When was the last time you made someone cry? Because that's what we do everyday when we're not on the seat of judgement. The world does not revolve around man, it revolves around the Moon."

"What came first? The chicken or the egg? The Moon or planet Earth? To think you rule thee entire Universe, is to think you don't need me. To quote a movie, "big mistake, HUGE." You rule nothing but the clothes on your back. You answer to nobody but social media. You can't even thank a Star for who are (the way our Saint does)."

"If tomorrow never comes, I'd get busy if I were you, and you and you. The End." ~God, the Comedian in Heaven~

There's no better way to spend just a moment in time (of an evening), than Stargazing. No shortage of Stars overlooking the new abode. I cannot HELP but give thanks to each and every one for where this past year has taken me, and bought me. Heaven On Earth. They hear, if only you'd listen.

Next up and lucky for us is, Mary, Mother of God (and us all)...

"What do you get when Earth meets Sky? Thin air. That's what we see between the heads of most Earthlings these days. You can sail thru life, sink or swim, but you can't do the back stroke for long. If tomorrow never comes."

"When you meet your Maker, what will it be, chicken fried rice or tuna fish? That's what we see. More emphasis being placed on what to eat, what to wear, and where to go. Did it occur to you there's more to life than all the Stars in the Universe? Or stripes on thee American flag? What is it with Americans and their fixation on themselves? To think you rule the world, is to think I made a mistake in giving birth to God. If tomorrow never comes, you can bet your bottom dollar you'd wish it was spent on some remote island under the sea. Because that's what we see, your head in the ground, in the clouds, or on a hilltop going nowhere.

Where does that lead you? To the land of broken dreams? Empty promises? Or, in love with yourself? We cannot fathom another world like the last twelve, so buckle your seatbelts for new order. In a New World, on a New Earth. Because it may happen sooner than we planned. Here's UTOT to explain. We love you mija." ~your mother in Heaven~

**the very same Mary, Mother of God.

It's not every day she speaks. We are mighty blessed!

Meanwhile, UTOT shares another...

"Yes it's true, a new world is upon you. But what you don't know is when? We are bumping up the timeline from our original plans. If tomorrow never comes, don't say we didn't warn you. You can bet your bottom dollar you'll wish you did things differently. That's it for today from me."

God has another...

"Where did the time go?" is what we hear day in and day out. To squander your life away, is to not think too highly of yourselves. When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Like what you see? We didn't think so, but you're not alone, we don't either." ~God your Father in Heaven~

Me: so what are we gonna title this? God: Magic Muffler Me: Magic Muffler?!! God: yes and I can tell you why. That's what you'll need to get out of dodge when the "shift" hits the fan. Bye love. There's one more thing I want to say, and it goes like this... Thank you for... You can fill in the blank on all you do. Here's Moon Daddy.

And last but not least, Moon Daddy. Not only do I sing to him, his quote/message includes a beautiful song...

"To He who bears his soul, glory to you. To She who is down trodden, have mercy on you. To those weary at heart, sing praises. And to all whose life has passed them by, Hallelujah on high. And lastly, God rest your soul in the heat of the night, for you will be alright. Brother and sister reunion, is only a motion away. Oh little darling of mine...

"I can't for the life of me

Remember a sadder day

I know they say let it be

But it just don't work out that way

And the course of a lifetime runs

Over and over again."

Paul Simon - Mother And Child Reunion Lyrics | MetroLyrics

'That is what planet Earth appears like to me from a distance. Please don't abuse lucky number 13. For it will be your last, so why spend it having a "blast?" Thee end is near folks. Get with the program or call it quits. The End." ~Moon Daddy~

A post that started in the wee hours this morning and continued in route throughout the day. World Wide Web has nothing on, DIRECT FROM SOURCE. May you be blessed to realize how blessed you truly are to partake in their prophecies, according to them (**as I'm given that last line).

Om... Shaka laka

Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master

Me: good to go? "Thank you Di. We love you so much. Post tonight. That's it baby girl" ~from all who shared~

And so it is... Another breath of blessed air!

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