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God Showed Me Adrenochrome

Could adrenochrome be the ultimate elixir to life? I for one, do not believe so. It is simply a quick fix that will backfire once the so-called elixir stops. God showed me adrenchrome on more than one occasion. He has shown me much over the years. Some of which was too disturbing for me to continue to see, let alone draw. Used for tissue repair and rejuvenation, adrenochrome is also used as a drug to induce a euphoria like no other for many Hollywood elites and others. And where is it manufactured? Wuhan.

Even worse is, McDonald’s, Heinz, Cemex and other corporations are all a part of it, with the latter being a cement company. Oh my! Having worked seven years concrete construction, I can only imagine how they are involved. In the disposing and/or covering up of children/bodies? So disturbing are the facts in this video.

Believe it or not, but the killing and consuming of children is very real. From unsuspecting

persons, such as Mother Teresa and Red Cross. As if eating and drinking aren’t enough, look at all the red products made of children's skin. Yes, you read that correctly.

skin harvesting from adrenochrome
snapshot of video - link in text

How far down the rabbit hole must most go before they believe the atrocities being done? I can't help but wonder if our (USA) pipeline shutdown in order to smuggle it? Apparently, that’s what the Queen uses to transfer it, as that video shows. Didn't watch entire video, and the parts I did watch are shown to music. Some with songs I may no longer be able to listen to. Not the artists song, but instead the images shown to the music.

Is Prada using the "leather" of humans? Video shows a devil wears Prada clip. According to that video, adrenochrome is taken from donors twelve and under. This after much torture is done to increase the benefits of their quick fix elixir, they say. So very sad. As I long for a family/child others have sold their children to these monsters. I can hardly watch movies these days since far too many are involved/sold their souls.

Believe it or not, I don't care. God has shown me this is very real and agrees with this video. I mention because there is a lot of information out there that is not at all true. Far too many self proclaimed journalists these days asking for money to peddle false information. Not good.

I remain thankful I have God as my fact checker.

May all be blessed to watch video with an open mind, because missing children is no joke.


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