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Give Them Back Their Land -Maui Massacre

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Hawaii and its indigenous people have been stripped of their land enough. The Maui Massacre has become worse than 9-11, with many saying worse than Pearl Harbor as well. From being caught using a backhoe to bury bodies to supplies being held back. Or tried, give them back their land.

Thank God for the military who intercepted the FEMA load turning away from those in need. They are also said to have discovered the many bodies being buried. Story after story of cruel crimes against the locals. With thousands of children missing, tho presumed dead. As our southern border is being trashed and children trafficked. There's a reason many hate President Trump. He has exposed much. Like him or not, he is saving our planet. May he finish what he started. Then hand baton to another who truly has our best interest at heart, mind, and soul.

I realize so many are writing and speaking about this, but how do we ignore what is being done to Hawaiians? Heartbreaking for me was seeing so many non-Hawaiians living there. Far too many have literally been priced out of paradise living in tents or on our mainland. STOP trying to Americanize and normalize anyone and everyone to fit an evil agenda. Not even the governor is a native, let alone honest, or around when the Maui massacre occurred. Just like Bush, gone during 9-11. Not to single out those two Americans either.

Bless this Hawaiian elder fighting for their land. Hawaii was its own country of sorts. Gentrification only works when it does not steal from the people. I can only imagine the many who are long gone and only now regret selling to non-Hawaiians. We must think long term. Think about future generations and their birthright of land and culture.

Here on the mainland of the United States we have Americans on the streets while immigrants are housed with hot meals, laundry services, free room, board, internet and more. Sure many on the street have addictions, but many don't. Trust me, I know.

I went without a home for nearly 3.5 years. It's not easy, let alone getting back into a home. I chose to not take the easy way out, and my soul is forever grateful I survived.

Something's God-ahh give

California is no longer the only melting pot. Sure we should be allowed to live where we want, but not at the expense of taking from natives of any country. Pricing them out of their paradise in lieu of lining the pockets of non natives. They can have their 15-minute cities. Spokane, WA is said to be next on their chopping block. Hawaiians share a similar story to us Native Americans. Stripped of language, land and culture. It does not end with these two groups I know. Reparations are due to each and every one of us for the Corporation made in our name. At the time of our birth, mind you.

I for one love the sound of Hawaiians and other indigenous people speaking their language, holding onto their culture. Which is one thing I don't like about America. ZERO culture.

I am blessed to be a female born in the United States, yet at the same time I see it is nowhere near the land of the free.

May we all be blessed to fight against the tyranny. No amount of money can make a person truly happy, especially not long term. Their love for money over morals is truly sickening. Enough already!

For the rest of us 99%+/-, hold onto your roots wherever they may be. We were created to be different, not to look and sound like the flavor of the month celebrity.

To change who we truly are wreaks unhappiness

Blessings from the Maui Massacre will be revealed. I believe they will be grand, however long that may be for all to see.

Stop with the climate change bullshit. Cremating people alive does not save our planet. Neither do vaccines, poisoned food and land, or any other man made form of control and depopulation. They will indeed pay.

Till then, God help us.


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