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"Many people make excuses for not being nice, when all they're doing is putting walls between themselves and God.

They underestimate God and his willpower to control a person's life. When a person thinks they have the power to turn their life into what they desire, they've missed the point of living.

Only God will know what is best. Once you grasp that, your life will have more meaning. Take what seems the easy way out, and find yourself on a one-way road going nowhere. Your goal in life is not to simply arrive, it is to do so with a vengeance.

You have what it takes. Either go the distance or make room for those that are. Make a conscious choice, or one will be made for you.

Shit or get off the pot." #DrWayneWDyer, "Dr. Wayne, her guide from thee other side"

His meaning of last sentence...

"As they say in heaven, “shit or get off the pot.” That pot being riches. And the “shit” being letting go of hate and envy."

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