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Transform Or Conform

As I begin my sacred geometry art journey, I thought I'd start with how 4 Sacred Hearts came to be, specifically the logo. A labor of love since my massive shamanic purge following my 2nd NDE (near death experience) in 2015. I've hardly ever been a fan of rules or following the latest trend. Instead I welcome growing pains for the transformation they bring. Can hurt like hell, but sure beats living in it pretending to be happy. Transform or conform? With our planet in a mess, I'd look to transform from the inside out.

Following is the transformation of my logo and what it means. While sacred heart can have different meanings to different people, for me it was one of comfort, compassion and healing. I felt my heart literally grow and soften. No religion necessary.

My second NDE made me somewhat of a Medium. Being Native American I've always had the good witch in my blood, making tonics, tinctures, salves, you name it. So, what does God call me? Medicine Woman Medium. So.... the outline of the butterfly has the "MWM" from top, middle and bottom.

transformation of my logo

"4 Sacred Hearts" in French

I love fashion and most things French. Palette of butterfly is from a French palette I found. I also had the name in French, as you'll see on this first logo. Problem was, I and others could not give the name justice by mispronouncing.

4 Sacred Hearts final logo

Fast forward and here's the final logo. I did have a regular #4, but switched it to have the Jupiter symbol for the growth, expansion, wisdom, power, abundance and luck it represent.

As for the sacred geometry? I've had visions my entire life, a ton since 2015. Many of which are of sacred geometry and the platonic solids. God has been after me for awhile to draw them. They too have the ability to transform us.

Lead or be lead? Transform or conform? If we all did our part to transform from the inside out, our world would not be in the mess it's in. The upside I see? God will intervene sooner than later. Now more than ever is a good time to live out our karma instead of running from it. We came here for a reason our soul longs for.

May we all be blessed to grow the wings we were born with and stop taking the easy way out.


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