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Mental Illness In A Nutshell

This is the best explanation of mental illness I have heard. Video is rather long, but so informative, enlightening for those who have never experienced. No visuals, so great as background "noise." It talks about the psychiatric mafia and their drugging of many of God's chosen ones, which I agree. Above all, that link is mental illness in a nutshell. The man bringing it to our attention, Jerry Marzinksy can be found here.

I have experienced much of what he talks about in video, which is why I know schizophrenics are not crazy, they are connected. I also know, the greater the purpose, the more "attacks" from dark beings. Two examples of how dark side operates can be seen in, El Rey, the life of Vicente Fernandez on Netflix, and the movie based on Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Love & Mercy.

Any and all who are mean and/or destructive on any degree, whether it be in speech or action, is under the influence of demonic influences. Which can be a blessing to see and hear what isn't there. This video being a great explanation of how and why it can occur.

I am not sure why the video starts with an image of The Truman Show, tho yes, we are living in a matrix. This video is so much more like Bruce Almighty, another one of Jim Carrey's movies. I mention because of the voices heard by many labeled with mental illness. There is nothing crazy about them. Once they figure out how to manage the voices and/or things trying to scare them or drive them "mad," they are well underway to hearing from the bright side of Universe.

Left untreated, it is one reason many are medicated, institutionalized, and/or commit suicide. "Crazy" or not. "The devil made me do it" is no joke, which is why everyone should watch that video. More so since our world has gone a bit wild, with many rights turned wrong, and deep darkness somehow being right. Don't give in to the false narratives being played on most of earth. What is happening is a slow suicide/mass depopulation. For those hearing voices, more often than not the demonic side is trying to stop them from greatness.

Like Neale Donald Walsh writing a series of books, Conversations With God during his bout of homelessness, that kind of connection awaits us all. Key is to not be afraid, and to decipher which voices are truly yours.

mental illness in a nutshell
snapshot only. Video on 2 of the 3 links above

Any type of mental illness could very well be a spiritual awakening. God likes to see what we're made of and does allow for bad things to happen to good people. Trust me, I know and only now realize I have been chosen for what's to come. The voices, sights, attacks are very real. Left untreated, and an exorcism may be in order. This is not to scare you but instead prompt you to take it seriously. Because "they," the demonic influences will continue if they see it is getting to you.

They are also capable of bringing every wrong person into your life and allowing addictions to control you. Don't give in. As I write often, Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Bad food = bad thoughts and bad thoughts = bad actions. Do not allow them to use you as a puppet, saying and doing things to hurt yourself or others.

Since we are what we eat, make it real and high vibrating. Only then can mental illness be a thing of the past for anyone anywhere. Think FARMacy, not pHARMacy.

May all be blessed to see thru the rose colored glasses that await us all. Ascension and mental illness are a choice that diet and detox can get you thru. Question is, which side will you choose? Light or dark?


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