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To Be or Not To Be, True To You?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be." ~William Shakespeare~

True. However, the opposite seems even more true these days. We know what we may be, but know not who we are.

I for one know the liberation and enlightenment that comes from no longer trying to fit in or be some one I am not. With letting go of who we grew ourselves in to becoming, we allow the veil to be lifted. With that comes transparency and happiness for no reason. Gone are the quick fixes (food, drink, drugs, shopping, sex, money, etc) outside ourselves, that only brought temporary pseudo results. Once behind you comes an onslaught of self-respect.

When we discover how complicated we make our life, growing up becomes pure satisfaction. With a triple win of sound mind, spirit and emotions as well. Friends and family may fall by the wayside. Better to let it happen than go backwards with five-year old gloves.

Loneliness happens. But nothing like not knowing what we may be. When the majority do, there will be peace on earth and Mother Earth renewed.

To know not who we are has got to be the biggest ache of our soul. I for one am no stranger to it. It was in discovering the Star Child that I am that brought sense to my life. And, how others see me. Never settle for less than who you are. Embrace who you came here to be. Free of caring what other's think of you. It is your canvas you are painting. Besides, when you step on to the journey of your soul, the Universal Holy World becomes who you aim to please. And for that, you are never alone. May the tears of that joy roll down your face like they have mine.

To be or not to be, true to you? May the Source be with you to live in that truth,


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