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The Codes Have Been Broken: FREEDOM Awaits Many

9-29-22, 6:22am - God started early again this morning. I am loving starting my day with visions first thing in the morning. This, after a sleepless week (plus!). Just as God and I were talking about the damage Loma Linda did to me, God shows me the entire planet being judged. One by one, I was shown a long line of people waiting their turn. Border crisis pales in comparison to the amount of people I was shown. Below you will see how God showed me how the codes have been broken. YEP, freedom awaits many.

Why not all? Do you seriously believe God gives free handouts? Read my last post because you and only you can store your riches in Heaven. What?! Confused? Then you deserve what's to come.

God's been busy preparing himself for quite some time now. I for one welcome the soon-to-be in person talks already!

Felt my heart being worked on again. Not as much pressure as last time. Thankfully. Then saw myself healing people and the very many who regret thinking I was a no one. We must never judge anyone. Somehow money became synonymous with character. NO sweat off my soul.


There are three videos God wants me to watch right now. As a download, mind you. Earlier before seeing the judgment, I was pulled into the light in order to see it. Almost forgot, I did watch Eternals last night. Got what I needed but difficult to sit thru. Too long.


Just remembered seeing two huge screens earlier, like wall street, except one had numbers and the other letters. Codes to be exact. They stopped, which means, the codes have been broken and freedom awaits many. They are about to stop. Like, that's it, game over. The demonic puzzle has been solved. Mother Earth is free and so are we. Well, those who are ready to reap what they have sown.

Here are the messages I was given this morning, including the back to back songs. Messages as you'll see, not just for me.

Last song given? Blowin' In The Wind. Tried embedding, but lately WIX hasn't been very user friendly. Of course, dark forces always try to have their way with my tech.

Here's the link to Helen Reddy's, Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady" song.

May each and every single one of you be blessed, because we are all gonna need it.

peace be with you all,



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