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Teeth And Gums Don't Lie

Oil pulling may have hit mainstream media, but there are still many that either don't know about it and/or, don't believe the truth behind it. Something I shared with a "holistic" dentist over 10 years ago. Just to have him roll his eyes.

Fast forward a few years, and a friend asked what he could do for his teeth and gums. Right away I told him, oil pulling. But he chose to see a dentist instead. What did they do? Darn near mutilated his gums to the point of He no longer wanting to smile.

A few years after that, I see him at a party (which is when he shared his traumatic dental cosmetic experience ). And why he chose to step away from party long enough to watch Primetime News. For what? A segment on Oil Pulling. A method of swooshing oil in your mouth, between teeth for 20 minutes. Plenty of "How To" details online. Paralysis by analysis is not one of them.

This natural remedy is a classic example of less being more. Reason I write about today is, I not only shared it with someone earlier, I began oil pulling (again) a few days ago. Then woke yesterday to my 4 front lower teeth feeling like they got punched. Those teeth corresponding to my kidney/bladder. No issues, but made total sense. Also explains why my nails were chipping, and the reason I began drinking horsetail tea. Great for kidneys, hair, nails, skin, teeth and bone marrow.

Oil pulling won't just make your teeth and whites of your eyes whiter, it'll massage the corresponding body part. To have teeth pulled is foolish. Each tooth runs along meridian points. There are numerous tooth organ charts, this being just one.

Like tests doctors run, they won't pick up anything until rather noticeable. Oil pulling can help raise a red flag. For me, it's been with sensitive teeth and chipping fingernails. Three+ years without a home, and I'm behind on regular detox. Kidneys and bladder have never been an issue. I assume my broken wrist/bone marrow meridian is the cause for four aching teeth. Or my Sjorgren's (auto immune) issue.

Dis-ease and/or terminal illness often times can accompany Ascension. Woo Hoo! Consider it the Universe saying, "knock knock." Now that I'm settled, time to reverse mine. No matter the diagnosis, you can reverse it. To think you can't is to hand over your power. The doctor within knows. And just as thee electrical system in your vehicle is interconnected, so is yours. Which is why barefoot walking is so darn good. Your body gets fed/energy from Mother Earth and her radiating power.

Even if detox isn't your thing, but whiter teeth are, this is a simple inexpensive way to do both. One thing I will say on type of oil, organic is best and better tasting. Do until you finish entire bottle. Can be done several times/day, but best on an empty stomach.

Before I sign off, gonna get my HUGE team of experts opinion on all.

Me: anyone care to chime in?

"Wow Di! We love what you wrote. Your teeth are on the mend, and you’re right, it's your bone marrow not your kidneys or bladder. God knows you're a faithful drinker of water, and distilled to be exact.

One thing we will mention is, to each their own. But you owe it to yourselves to get right, or be left standing in awe of those that did. In keeping this short, we just want to say, we love you so much. And thank you for making the world a healthier place. Do or die, the choice is yours. Amen and Amen." ~UTOT, Creator of the entire Universe~

KUDOS to, Dr. Elmira Gadol, DMD, Holistic Dentist. Plenty more info (and free charts) on her site.

Dr. Elmira Gadol – DMD Holistic Dentist 277 West End Ave #1C New York, NY 10023 Phone: 212-501-7177 Fax: 646-657-0699

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