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Source or Dark Force

While some need to go in to a full blown trance to channel, I am thankful my communication with spirit world is pretty much 24/7. No fancy equipment, tho I do like using my pendulum to confirm I am hearing Source correctly (as shown in video below). Using one also helps me know when dark side intercepts, which sadly happens more than most posting any thing channeled publicly realize.

Before I post any thing publicly, or channel for that matter, I always at least double check I am speaking with the bright side of the Universe. In wanting to learn how to channel, I have been contacted beyond my wildest dreams. And it does not end with writing. Any thing and every thing I do, eat, wear, read, watch, listen to and most always speak, gets approved by our Higher Ups first. Those to include some Galactic Intelligent Celestial Beings of many races. Some of whom are ringing my ear as I write that. Not a bad thing and not all ringing in the ears is Tinnitus.

Since my anointing and appointing as a Medicine Woman Medium, upgrades and learning continue. It did not take long to discover the dark force does not like my position in life these days. So, they either try a full blown scare tactic or they pretend to be light. Doesn’t take long for me to know who's who these days. How so?

Below is a quick recap on how I began communicating with The Universe, and how you can to. Just know, you get what you put in to it. It also takes diligence, self respect and fearlessness like never before. While wimps need not apply, NERDS are forever welcome. I kid you not. A sense of humor helps. Bright side of Universe wants to see what we are made of, and being uptight will not help. That compared to the dark side, they LIKE IT when we give up, give in and get angry. And pretty much behave the way church and state want us to. When that happens you become a pawn in their global chess game. Living and breathing in darkness. Young, old, Holy Roller or not, fear happens. Which can be a good thing provided you do SOMETHING about it. Because living without growing pains serves no purpose. Speaking of which, channeling many has become mine. This being a glimpse of my purpose.

Just so you know, my gifts have been more than a decision on my part. However, we all have gifts, and Universal Holy World cannot WAIT to see all living according to theirs. Since they and I want to do more videos, they can only get better. In time I won't need to do in front of monitor (not modem), and instead do with proper video, editing and getting out of my comfort zone too.

Should you want to channel and discover your gifts, a word of advice to lessen the growing pains, live the Golden Rule with integrity and forgiveness. I do believe knowing how to communicate via spirit on Earth as it is in Heaven is the wave of the future. In the event of the inevitable emergency, landlines won’t exactly work and we can forget cell phones. Unless you have a satellite phone or are a Hamm radio operator, you are at "their" mercy and subject to control in the worst of ways. May this intro to how I began channeling inspire you to awaken that voice within you. Any one can learn. In teaching two family members, they too were able to speak with loved ones. You can too.

Just know, if not fully prepared and/or fearless, some serious battlestar galactica may get the best of you. It is after all only a matter of time before those of us that do channel are no longer seen as crazy, and those who don’t wish they had. I am not alone in my thinking, or in the gifts we may possess.

No wishful thinking when you answer the call, before the fall of the world as we know it. The Shift is about to hit the fan, and this snippet of that book is the real deal on what some of us are already experiencing. YAY is all I can say!

For today, should the dark side intercepting scare you away from your soul's purpose, procrastinating won't help. The Universe will also make things go wrong until they get your attention. Yes, what may seem like bad luck and/or Hell can become a blessing in disguise. Key is to give thanks no matter what. Because it is not what happens to us that matter, but instead how we react that will make or break us. With all said, let's see if my Higher Ups would like to chime in for the closing. A big yes.

"Thanks Di." Me: that's it? "No." Me: WHEW and Woo Hoo!

"To play by the rules one must let go. To play according to Source requires you to learn the art of channeling. If not now, when?” ~God~

And so it is. May the Source be with you to accept what will soon be as it is in Heaven, without leaving Earth.

In spirit with love, Carmen

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