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September 2022-Big Event?

9-23-22/7:59am--I now remember what God was showing me the other night. It was a clip/scene with $10 remaining after much exchange. This morning I was shown more robbing of Peter to pay Paul. Told my friend the other day to consider replacing some or all savings to gold or another precious metal.

"Their" $#!T needs to be covered up and paid for with our money. It's time it all end. God willing after the midterms, the border gets closed. I mean, how is it that they get everything for free while Americans fit the bill and juggle inflation?

I'm all for legal immigration. My dad did it the right way. However, many will have some serious answering to do to God. As I continue to yearn for a child, so many are using them to cross. That is one HELLUVA big OUCH come judgement day.

I believe this weekend may set off a worldwide revolt of sorts. All over our money being taken to fund the world's dark secrets. Something is gonna happen. Just as 9/11 did to get VALUABLE$. Something similar may very well happen soon.

Whatever happens may be the catalyst for God's return.

Saw some pretty darn cool portals opening. Two turned to many. All looking black and white. Drawing soon, but my thoughts? Portals are opening.

YAY is all I can say!


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