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Pollination Is Contagious

In reading this article (and getting perturbed) about the ever increasing health hazards of GMO and/or GE modified anything, I decided to get my guides perspective on this lengthy article about mosquitos, Zika virus and vaccines. Why? Because if these, or their trickle effect are not stopped dead in their tracks, we will be.

My conversation this morning quickly went from my mother with wings to Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and Homa, a Doctor of Medicine from the Pleiadian Galaxy.

Me: What would you like to tell readers about this? Bill and Melinda Gates are one reason I #MarchAgainstMonsanto. They're also reason I stopped using Microsoft. Them: Bill Gates is evil. He wants to depopulate thee earth. He also wants to dumb down those who get vaccines. Me: yep! Yet, people continue to think doctors are God, and that they must submit to them. Them: you are smart Me: thank you. Continue with your thoughts on this article... Them: they (vaccines and GE mosquitos) were created to kill. The viruses will make people sick and in need of a vaccine. The viruses were also created by them. Me: so I can post this? Them: yes. You knew. You just wanted our confirmation. Me: yes and thank you. So, what should people do? Will eating a pickle a day help? It prevented ME from getting bit. After getting 150 mosquito bites in 2 weeks, then only 2 yellow jacket chunks bitten out, in 6 months. On the same mountain, just a couple weeks later. Made me a believer! Them: People can eat a pickle a day. Tho, their gut must be healthy. Me: to keep their immune system up and prevent them from smelling like a smorgasbord Them: funny but true. You never cease to make us laugh. Me: as you both know, a clean body does wonders on body, mind, spirit and funny bone. There's no thinking--we become relaxed. And with it, a tad humorous. Just to name a few benefits. Them: yes. We enjoy seeing you. Me: I reckon, because I practice what I preach, I've become quite the Comedy Channel. Can't imagine a day, let alone an hour without some sort of chuckle. Them: yes. Homa thinks you are hilarious. Me: it's good medicine. Not to get off track for too long, but... I asked one of them, maybe Homa. Why not watch Jim Carrey or Fluffy. Their response was something like... We like you more. Dear GOD! But seriously. You're all so lighthearted and make me laugh too. So perhaps it's my way of returning the favor. Them: yes. We get a kick out of you. Me: thank you. I AM blessed to have all of you. Any other thoughts on this POI$ON? Them: not so fast. You don't realize the magnitude of your humor. Me: WOW. I suppose I don't. Them: you are blessed with many gifts. Humor is another one. Me: didn't realize it was a gift. Them: yes. You are beyond average. Me: WHEW! Wouldn't want to be 😉 Them: yes. You will be blessed. Me: thank you Them: let's end with this... Bill and Melinda Gates will destroy planet earth. They are on a mission to leave only a select few. Me: but, where's the money in that? I agree from what I've read over the years, just seems counterproductive. Them: you are smart. They will be... Me: biting the hands that feed them? As the 3 of us say in sync. Them: yes. You are an awesome Medium. Me: thank you. Can't wait to see what being off truck will bring. Them: you are so talented. Me: do I need to write that? Them: yes Me: just don't wanna get off track or make this about me 😔 Them: you sing beautifully Me: thank you Them: you should sing like nobody's listening. Me: coming from 2 doctors, I shall take that as a prescription 😁 Just tight quarters in here. Them: yes. You will be off soon. Me: yes, I now realize Guide's timing is not n human terms. I also understand my new home is being prepped. I hate to say too much publicly. But as mentioned before, I don't mind hanging out at a hotel, until all is ready. Ugh! We're/I'm getting way off track. Them: yes, you will go to hotel first, then new home. Me: okay, thank you. Care to lead conversation back to the NON$EN$E? Them: very funny but true. Gates are not nice people. Their agenda is a dark one. We are proud to have you expose this. More to come. Me: cool! Did you see 2 of many topics I wanna write about? Chem Trails and those brain destroying antennas (that look like trees)? Them: yes. Smart topics. Me: thank you. Obviously we can go on. But, any final words on this article and its plethora of information? Them: just keep doing what you're doing. Me: I will. And thank you for simplifying a lengthy article. Those needing details can read it. Them: yes.

**private talk

Me: can I get a title? Them: Vaccination Is Pollination Me: wow, it really is! Thank you both very much. I love you Them: wlusm (we love you so much) as they fade. ~#DrNicholasGonzalez and Homa, Doctor of Medicine (and 1 of 27 Pleiadian pals)~

Not only do I LOVE having Guides, I love having a team of experts! Sixty-SIX, to be exact. There are no accidents. Day has already begun so darn beautifully! Two great, in-person back to back conversations. One of living off grid in alternative housing. Thee other from a true sister in this wonderful world of being a Medicine Woman Medium. Should either of you read this... ✌🏼️❤️ and a big hug!

May you you be blessed to take this information seriously. With summer around the corner, the least you can do is eat a pickle a day (helps prevent mosquito bites). Preferably some without Yellow #5, or any other strange ingredient.

However, I do know any pickle is better than none. And like these two experts said, your disease prevention starts with your gut. No matter how far away from any ailment. From head to toe, doesn't matter. Your body, mind and spirit will benefit.

Their final words? "Time is of thee essence."

Me: is that how you'd like me to end it? Them: and, good job!

May all be blessed


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