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May You Be Blessed

Why do I end my posts with that? Because that's partly what got me here. Brother Matt says, fastest way to step out of student and into mastery is... bless the HECK out of everyone.

Someone pissing you off? "May you be blessed." Negative thoughts getting the best of you? Say it over. And over. And over. Silently works. Because BOY do they hear thoughts! Not only did it help skyrocket my spiritual journey, it keeps me in Zen mode. And trigger free.

Coughing as a gauge My thoughts are pure now. Not that they were horrible. But, now if I'm around a negative person and/or their thoughts, I cough. I'm also given messages to tell them. Examples? "Tell so and so I know what they're thinking" "Tell so and so to think pure thoughts."

Catch my drift? We are what we eat, think and believe. When you direct something towards someone, there are... 1, 2, THREE fingers pointing back at you. Do I still say, "may you be blessed?" You bet! And often. I'm new at this. And it came on like a bolt of lighting. No need to let it go as fast as it came on. Nope. Till death to us part. Well, sort of.

That is a sliver of what I did to arrive as an Ascended Master. A title that feels boastful. However, we know I'm not. I've also more than quadrupled confirmed. Yep, I AM. My job is to continue to make them proud. And help awaken the master in you. That and await clothes for an Urban Ascended Master, so I'm told.

It does take a lot of rest. And rest takes getting used to. I am relentless and have too much energy they say. Can't help it. I was like a sponge, soaking up Ascension, 5D and DNA upgrade information before this anointing. Now I just wanna share thee above, as I experience it.

Mandatory time-out's They DO refuse to talk if I'm tired or dehydrated. I drink 2+/- gallons of distilled water daily. Yet, more is required. Makes me a better conductor and helps flush away negative energies.

"A master awakens a master in others." ~Matt Kahn~

May you be filled with peace, love, light and laughter. Because life's too short to be otherwise.

"A victim is an angel that doesn't know themselves. And an angel is a fully transformed victim." ~Matt Kahn, Path to Mastery~

Bottom line on what got me here? Eating real food most hours of day and days of week. Keeping my body clean via detox. Those 2 for more than a decade. Giving away just about everything after selling my 4/2 house, and again and again until my entire belongings fit into a 5 x 5 storage.

Letting go is key Humdinger of it all? I began blessing people. See someone with something I like, "may you be blessed." Someone not being so nice and/or insinuate I'm a loser? Or try to force feed a "better" lifestyle on me? "May you be blessed." Sleeping in a tent, in my vehicle and hotels? The same. With a heavy dose of gratitude.

In one hand, some wanna see you succeed. In thee other, they don't. I was not clueless. Like a magic wand, I blessed their ego (and my hurt) away. Well, since learning this after brother Matt came to me in a dream last August.

Gratitude for the highs and lows It's not what happens to us, it's how we respond. That, and always give thanks. Thru thick and thin. Good or bad.

One last thing. Stop taking the easy way out. They're called growing pains for a reason. Let go of earthly comforts to make room for heavenly rewards. That simple. Detox helps. Free your body so your mind and spirit can do the same.

It's better to be miserable for a short time than the rest of your life.

May you be blessed


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