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Letter From Another Dimension

10-12-22, 7:04am - was shown a smooth asphalt road last night. With me going up on the right Golden stripe was on my left. Beauty of this vision was the road was leading up. I seemed to travel fast and straight up to the sky. Even more cool was this letter from another dimension. Right before my eyes, in my bedroom. Not the first time I've seen another dimension. God has put me in other places. Like a fly on the wall. Time travel at it's finest I reckon.

This old school mail/door drop box was the kind my late grandmother had on her front door. To see it in my reality was incredibly awesome. Did I actually receive the letter? No, it was simply a vision from another dimension. Each day lately brings more magic, more things to see, more synchronicities. Needless to say I am loving it. God will reveal much soon, so I for one can begin to reap what me, my soul and I have worked towards. Time is near for us all, tho not all outcomes will be the same. Just sayin'.

9:48pm - just saw myself grocery shopping, once again, many meanings. This just happens to be the one God agrees with. Please know, I get most meanings from dream interpretations websites because, well, not enough online about visions.

meaning compliments of,

9:54pm - was the time I saw the mail/drop box rectangular looking thing, with the envelope being put in. Before that, I saw a beautiful bright glimmer in the corner of my room. Can't forget to attach the Highway to Heaven God sent me. Quite the fastpass feeling it had.

10:05pm - in thinking of something health issue related, God gives me a song. WOW. I love that God uses music to convey messages. Knowing very well music has been my best medicine and pain relief. He's become quite the DARN good disc jockey. Song given this time was, More Love by Smokey Robinson.

I am not crazy, I am connected

11:12pm - kept seeing beetles. After seeing one on my painting of God right in front of me, I had to ask, sure enough. All good signs, and while I do have a number of spirit and totem animals, the scarab/beetle is not one of them. God was simply giving me some more good news.

10-14-22, 11:11am - been getting a whole lotta 1's lately, including the time I write this. Earlier I was told to brace myself. Before that I couldn't shake a feeling of gloom or doom. However, not the first day, been going on a few days. Today it just feels stronger. Time will tell, but planet earth is due for something huge and rather grand. Once the dust settles of course.

May all be blessed to focus on what's important because time is truly running out to show God you mean business. How so? Simply ask yourself, where have you been storing your riches? Too many equate earthly riches with having "made it." OUCH. I know far too many garnering respect like they are some kind of God. Why? Their income.

Hollow earth or shallow people? BOTH.

Until my next batch of visions, ciao for now.



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