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God Showed Me Adrenochrome

My entire life has been filled with visions, although nothing compared to the last five years. God has been showing me a lot. From the matrix opening to looting, riots and even the White House being turned a bit upside down. There has been so much, which can take time to discover exactly what I am shown. Only yesterday did I realize these barrels were adrenochrome. Which God just confirmed.

I've drawn many visions. Good, bad, ugly, and downright disturbing (250+/-), all of which are in the book Visions From Outer Space. Many more since then, some too horrible to draw, let alone see.

barrels and barrels of adrenochrome

Jim Caviezel talks about the barrels God showed me above at the 30-minute timestamp (plus or minus a minute) of that link, At the 50-minute mark they talk about the organ harvesting. Saw another short video of a fairly young Asian man in an underground tunnel. He was showing the hollowed out corpses of children. Many, on two separate visits, ten months apart. I lost that link before saving it, but this trafficking and harvesting is very real. He was able to show us because COVID took away his sense of smell. Brave young man.

These were other visions of the same adrenochrome and child trafficking. These I knew what they were. I try to jot down all my visions, all on phone at all hours of the night mostly.

Adrenochrome God showed me being bottled and served

I do not share this as a conspiracy theorist. HECK, I wouldn't even be watching real news or any news had God not prompted me to following the 2020 elections. There's another drawing in the book of people serving themselves in a cafeteria like setting. Tech is getting to me, so trying to keep this short.

Thankfully, more and more celebrities are helping the cause. Here, Ashton Kutcher talks about how even foster care agencies are in on it, which is just one organization of many. Even good ol' Mother Teresa, Dr. Fauci's mom was in on it. There's a reason she was at many disasters. Those are prime spots to scoop kids up. Sadly.

Children or no children, we must all be aware of what has plagued our planet for far too long. May the Sound of Freedom ring for us all real soon, but especially the children. I will say, posting photos of kids on social media not good for many reasons. More so, if your location is on. Consider doing their future a favor and not posting. While I do not have children, I have posted one of six children godchildren. Thankfully I learned quickly to turn location whereabouts off.

Just know, it doesn't end at trafficking. It only takes seconds to get their voice and fool parents into believing they are in trouble. Another horrible SCAM to rob many of much.

Stay aware and let freedom ring.



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