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Digital Detox Time Outs

I/we are so excited to be posting again. A mini digital detox was in order. Today's message is from Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. We're also wanting to get thru the rest of thee intro's sooner than later . That way we can begin bringing more DIY health related posts. And of course, DIY health AND beauty ones for the gals.

I for one am super excited to have my 14th guide. One who will remain private for awhile. For now, they call themselves "team member 14." And only I know who they are 😮😁 This team of experts, as Dr. Gonzalez referred to them as, just keeps on growing! Anyhow, enough with a quick update on what to expect. Here is Dr. Gonzalez...

"Gonzalez here. To each their own. A mantra that has become synonymous with western medicine. What you take for granted now, you will pay for later. Stop treating yourself like you've got 9 lives to live. Invincible is not your middle name. Procrastination maybe. But thee only one you're fooling is yourself.

Carmen has been writing thru her guides for some time now. Only she didn't know it. What she'd consider "downloads" has turned into a plethora of writings. All God sent. She is a perfect example of good hygiene. And by that we mean, keeping body free of excess waste. Her body is in the midst of upgrades. How she got here, she can tell you. With her team of experts, she can put you on a fast track. But not the one conventional medicine knows as, a quick-fix kind.

Honest to God and goodness, truth in health and healing doesn't get much better than this. Spy's have begun, tho she need not worry. She is hip to their games. And knows what to do before we tell her. Knowing this, will allow truth to be revealed, and justice served. She did not arrive here, hands crossed and mouth shut. She is a Saint whose time has come. As she sigh in typing this.

May you give her, thee upmost respect. Because believe it or not, she is putting her life on the line for you. Not in a way that will cause her harm. But instead, mockery. She will continue to post and thanks those that embrace it. To the rest, may you be blessed." ~#DrNicholasGonzalez, her guide from thee other side.

**he being guide #13. Info on that post.

There you have it folks. And thus the need for the mini digital detox!

May you be blessed each and everyday


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